Friday, February 28, 2014

Book Review: Fighting for Irish (Fighting for Love #3) by Gina L. Maxwell

I'm kind of on an MMA kick this week. I just can't get enough of alpha fighters with beautifully inked, hard bodies! Aiden"Irish" O'Brien is a former MMA fighter from Boston who is trying to get away from an unpleasant past. He finds himself in Louisiana to check up on his friend's future sister-in-law. Kat is also running from her past, but unfortunately her's is following her. When that past shows up, Irish is there to step in and help her. In protecting her, they spend more and more time together which leads to wanting just one intimate night with each other. And that one night turns into countless others. But can Aiden truly make her problems go away? Or will the secret about why he is there drive her away?

What touched me the most about Aiden was his gentle heart. Sure he is strong, intimidating and sexy, but on the inside he is also a sweetheart. With Kat's abusive history, there are obstacles to overcome in order for them to be together. Aiden takes his time to help Kat get over each hurdle one at a time. And the way he called her "kitten" just melted me. They were honestly the perfect fit for each other and I enjoyed their story. There is a little suspense, a little action and a whole lot of sexiness. This was another great book in this series and I look forward to the next one.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Book Review: Worth The Chance (MMA Fighter #2) by Vi Keeland

The last time was saw Vinny in Worth the Fight, he was just a teenager working out at Nico's gym. Now he is all grown up and all man. All ripped, sexy  man. With his crappy childhood, he's had little control over anything in his life until now. But fighting and sex give him the control he craves. Then he sees her again and everthing changes. It's been seven years since Olivia saw Vinny. Seven years since he broke her heart. Can she trust him to not break it again?

Vi Keeland has once again put together a sexy, angsty, MMA love story and I devoured it. Given Vinny's upbringing, his controlling nature in bed comes as no surprise but it is very welcome. Very, very welcome. His dominance is hot as hell and Liv loves it. But Liv makes some crucial mistakes early in their relationship and I spent most of the book waiting for it to come back and bite her. Which of course it did. It was different to see the woman screwing up for a change and things get a little chaotic. I was a bit unsure of how it could all be resolved. I wish we had a little deeper epilogue that gave us more insight into Vinny and Liv's future. But I am hoping we get to catch up with them in book 3. And I cannot wait for Jax's story as he promises to be a yummy one!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cover Reveal: Very Wicked Things (Briarcrest Academy #2) by Ilsa Madden-Mills

Book Review: Legal Affairs #4: Mitigation by Sawyer Bennett

Dearest Sawyer Bennett:

Reading Legal Affairs is starting to make me feel like I have split personalities. One chapter I loathe Matt for his cruel words and treatment of Mac. His venom made me cry and hurt for her. I would have ripped his balls off if I could. Then a part of me feels a little bit bad for him when he calls in a drunken stupor. WTF?! I shouldn't feel sorry for the bastard! Then by the end of this novella I'm elated by his apparent wake up call.

You sure know how to make a girl feel crazy. And I love you for it. Matt has been pretty irresistible thus far so I can't wait to see what this new side of him is like.Thank you for this serial and for Matt and Mac. I love them!

Insanely Yours,

"I finally started realizing that the pain of loneliness is much worse than the pain of betrayal and heartbreak that I was trying to avoid."

Friday, February 14, 2014

Book Review: Legal Affairs #3: Violation by Sawyer Bennett

Ah-hah! We finally, FINALLY, start to learn a little bit more about Matt in Violation. While he very briefly opens up to Mac about his ex-wife (gasp!), we really find out the rest of the details from Cal. Now it makes sense why Matt wants nothing to do with relationships and why he isn't Cal's biggest fan. But no sooner do we get this revelation when Mac is hit with a tragedy. Will Matt help her get through this and will he finally admit to his feelings for her? Next book please!! Gah!!!

For this review I went in a different direction for my favorite quotes. I generally like to pick something sexy cause Matt is hella sexy. But what I also love about this serial is the humor. So here are my favorite funny quotes from Violation.

Asshole hadn't even bought me a Big Mac, and I'd made him howl with pleasure. Where's the gratitude?

"I can't believe I just got cock blocked by you... while I was inside of you."

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Book Review: Interview with a Master by Jason Luke

Whenever I start a book that is getting a lot of hype, I get a little bit nervous. Will I love it or will I hate it? Well, there was no need for me to worry over Interview with a Master. Holy hell. This book is different from your usual erotica BDSM novels. First is the fact that it is written by a man and from a man's point of view. For those similar to myself who have gotten intrigued (understatement) by BDSM after reading Fifty Shades of Grey, this perspective is enlightening. Getting inside a Master's mind was pretty darn fascinating to me. Second, the interview aspect I found unique. Instead of the reader experiencing Jonah's sexual encounters first hand and in real time, they are being retold to us from his memory. And yes, these stories are down right scorching.

It is no wonder that the aspiring journalist, Leticia, is falling for Jonah just by spending time with him and listening to the story of his life. I guess the ending could be considered a bit of a surprise, but honestly I had my suspicions so it didn't shock me. This isn't a typical romance story where boy and girl meet, date and fall in love and I liked that.

While author Jason Luke has said on Twitter that he hadn't planned on writing a sequel, hopefully all of us fans can convince him to write one. I would love to read more about Jonah and Leticia.

Interview with a Master was equally thought provoking and panty melting and a must read in my opinion. If you are intrigued and turned on by BDSM novels, you not only need to read this but then have your boyfriend/husband read it when you are done. Hell, even if you're not into BDSM, there is a lot a man can learn from this book.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Book Review: Entice (Evolve #3) by S.E. Hall

Ever since the first book in this series, I think we've all been anxiously awaiting Sawyer's story. From just the little glimpses of him that we were treated to, it was impossible not to adore him. He sees his friends falling like flies and he finally realizes that he is missing something. Sawyer's own tale of love is everything I knew it could be and more. Sexy, bold, say-it-like-it-is Sawyer had me laughing my ass off. Some of the stuff that comes out of his mouth is just hilarious. I love when a book literally makes me laugh out loud.

Ever since we last saw Sawyer at Parker's bachelor party, he's been pining and searching for the beautiful but awful stripper. And of course he finds her at the most inopportune moment. Emmett is everything he's built up in his head and so much more. She's funny and sweet and he is 100% hooked. But she is also carrying a big secret that she knows will send Sawyer packing. I honestly could not figure out what the secret was and was pretty shocked when she finally told him.

We learn so much about Sawyer in this book. Sure he's a player but he is also sweet and loving and fiercely loyal. The way he treats Emmett melts me. I enjoyed Entice just as much as the previous book, though Danie is still my #1, and I hope S.E. Hall has plans for more books about "The Crew." Perhaps we could get Zach's story next?

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Book Review: Legal Affairs #2: Stipulation by Sawyer Bennett

Holy crap, Matt Connover is so damn frustrating! One minute I love his sexy, alpha routine and the next I hate him for being such a cold ass to Mac. Working together every day has pushed them both to the brink and neither can hold themselves back anymore. Despite Matt repeatedly reminding Mac that this is just sex, she can't help starting to have feelings for him. When he brings out his caveman act at the mention of her dating someone else, you have to wonder if he is in denial about his own feelings. But it doesn't matter because Mac is done with his crap. If she calls off the affair, will she be able to stick to it? I can't wait to see what comes next for these two!

"I know you lied for the same reason I did. We don't want to admit this attraction, yet both of us are obsessed by it. You can't get me out of your mind, just as I can't get you out of mine. I'm tired of fighting it, and I'm tired of jerking off when I'd rather be sunk deep inside of you. So I'm not fighting it anymore."

Marianna's Rating:

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Book Review: A Tragic Wreck (Beautiful Mess #2) by T.K. Leigh

Where do I start with this book? Sigh. This is probably one of the most painful books I have ever read - definitely in the top five. If you were frustrated with Olivia's actions at the end of A Beautiful Mess, you are going to want to strangle her while reading A Tragic Wreck. And then after that you will want to smack the hell out of Alexander. These two make so many unnecessary mistakes and are basically slowly killing each other. It is pure agony watching it all unfold. T.K. Leigh exquisitely tortures the reader for what feels like the majority of the book. This was my second time reading A Tragic Wreck as I was lucky to be part of a beta read a while back, and I cried just as hard this time around. And I'm not talking about silent tears, oh no, this is an ugly cry kind of book. A.G.O.N.Y. But there are also some very happy moments and of course hot as hell Alexander Burnham style sex. That man's mouth and dominance are delicious!

"Where are my panties?" Olivia asked, searching the bedroom for where Alexander had thrown them during their intense moment.

"You're not getting them back, and don't you dare go clean up either. I want my come dripping down your leg, reminding you that I'm the only one allowed to do that."

There is no happily ever after just yet, and I have my doubts if these two can ever have one, but I will say that this ends on a better note than book one. Plus there is also a hint of a major blow up and danger to come to drive your anticipation up another notch.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Book Review: His Secrets (Inside Out #3.1) by Lisa Renee Jones

Finally! FINALLY! After 3 full length novels from Sara's point of view, we get a tiny little peek into Chris' mind. I've loved Chris since the moment we met him so this was a special treat for me. His Secrets take places right after the events in Revealing Us. Sara and Chris are about to head back to the U.S. for Ava's trial, but first they have to deal with the disaster that is Amber. And they have to do it together to prove that they can move froward.

There are some crazy things that go down and we see how Chris wants to protect Sara from it all, but he realizes she needs to know everything. Sara is so strong standing  by his side through all of it. We also are treated to a couple of sizzling sex scenes, but I could have a used a few more! I mean, this is Chrism Merit we are talking about here - bring on the sex! ;)

Seriously though, this was a good companion novella to the Inside Out series and gives much wanted insight to Chris. Fans of this series definitely need to read it.

The two of us are all kinds of fucked up that somehow equals perfect.

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