Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Book Review: Hardball by CD Reiss #Giveaway

There are a handful of writers out there that I will read anything they write, no matter what, often without even bothering to read the synopsis. Of those favorites, there are only a few that cause butterflies to swirl around my belly and goosebumps to break out on my skin simply by reading the first word of a new book. CD Reiss is the top of that butterfly group for me. Whenever I learn that she's working on something new, the anticipation as I wait for it practically kills me. Her writing captures you and holds on tight and keeps you in its grasp long after you've read "the end." She will always be my #1 favorite because honestly I don't know what I would do without her books.

It's kind of daunting starting a new book by an author that you covet so much because you sometimes fear this might be the one you don't connect with. The one you don't like. It took about 1 paragraph for me to calm down and know that I had nothing to fear with Hardball. Dash is your typical superstar athlete - handsome and elusive with plenty of women to choose from. Vivian is a school librarian who has a big heart and is oblivious to her own beauty. An unlikely match for sure, but those are my favorite kind

Right off the bat you realize that Dash is a little bit quirky and not only was it endearing but sexy as well. Don't ask me how, that's just the brilliance of CD Reiss at work. I absolutely loved him! I mean, a sexy baseball player who quotes Shakespeare, has a filthy mouth and comes with a side of kink? Hell Yeah! Sign me up for one of those please.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Book Review: Sinful Love (Sinful Nights #4) by Lauren Blakely #Giveaway

I've been in love with this series from the beginning not only for the sexy love stories but also for the murder mystery aspect. Watching all the pieces of the puzzle fall together over the course of these novels has been very intriguing. So I couldn't wait to dig into this final installment.

Michael and Annalise were each others' first loves eighteen years ago, but time and distance took them away from each other. All these years later they are in the same city again, can they rekindle that old love? In the beginning of the book, I admit I really wasn't feeling it with Michael and Annalise. I love a second chance romance but there was just a disconnect for me here. I didn't particularly care for Annalise, not because she necessarily did anything wrong, she was just kind of "meh" for me. Michael. on the other hand, I absolutely adored. When he loves he give his whole damn heart away and it was clear he never got it back from this girl. I wanted to protect him and shield him from further heartbreak I was sure she was going to inflict.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Book Review: Hawke (Cold Fury Hockey #5) by Sawyer Bennett

Hawke and Vale have a deep history. They spent four years together and crazy in lover before it all came screeching to a halt. Seven years later, Hawke is now an NHL superstar and Vale is the new assistant trainer for his team, the Carolina Cold Fury. He thought he got over what happened ages ago, until he sees her again and is surprised by the surge of emotions he feels. He is still extremely angry at Vale but there is something else hiding there beneath the anger. There is no way he will acknowledge that feeling or admit what it is to himself. Can they get the closure and finally maybe give things another go or is there too much hurt ro ever get past?

The boys of the Carolina Cold Fury are back! Squeeee! I love me some Sawyer Bennett hockey smut! I've enjoyed this series and have been looking forward to reading about new Cold Fury teammate Hawke. The prologue really hits you right in the chest and hooks you and sets up what you know off the bat won't be an easy love story. But I love second chance romances  and was eager to see how this played out.

I liked Vale despite the huge mistakes she made in the past. While I might not agree with her choices, I do get it. Hawke made some mistakes too and when you put all of it together its a colossal case of miscommunication. Seven years later I think Vale has grown leaps and bounds however Hawke really hasn't grown up at all. So I had some issues with him cause he really was kind of a jerl. Still partying hard and getting stupid drunk but it was that stubborn pride that really made me want to punch him. Even when truths come out he holds onto his anger and uses it as a shield and even a weapon, hurtling right at Vale. Not cool. So it left a bitter taste in my mouth for him.
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