Friday, February 27, 2015

Blog Tour: Slow Burn (Driven #5) by K. Bromberg

Meet Becks & Haddie in Slow Burn - the newest stand alone in the Driven Series by K. Bromberg!

He bites his bottom lip and grimaces. “Fuck!” He growls out to the trees above him and then rolls his shoulders to dissipate some of the stress I see settling there. “Semantics aren’t an excuse. An omission is the same as lying Haddie, but you’re missing the point entirely. It’s not whether it was a lie or not. It’s so damn far from that. It’s you using the sex we’ve had to numb yourself when it should do the exact opposite. It should light your body on fire and burrow so deep under your skin that all you think about is the next time you can have me…because fuck if that’s not what you’ve done to me. So I call your bluff. I’ll keep calling it every fucking day until you admit you want me, that being with me does that to you too…but you won’t will you?” I just remain still, face impassive, body raging with emotion beneath the surface. “You’d rather stand there and tell me you prefer the numb, the void, the nothing, than admit you need me.”

Friday, February 20, 2015

MILF by Erin Noelle Character Blog Tour: Adam

Meet Adam
Adam Sullivan
Mia's son
Grayson's best friend

Blue eyes & sandy-colored, long, curly hair that he wears in an unruly fro of sorts Studying to be an architect

To Follow the rest of the tour and meet Mia, Grayson, Stella & Adam:

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Book Review: Forbidden Nights (Seductive Nights #5) by Lauren Blakely

Nate has been lusting after his best friend Casey for years, but has always managed to keep his attraction hidden. After all, she deserves so much more than he can give her. She deserves love, and that is something he doesn't do anymore. Casey keeps striking out with men and gets it in her head that she is too controlling in the bedroom. Maybe she needs to learn to let go if she has any hope of getting the man she has her eyes on. Who better to teach her than her best friend Nate? Surely they can have some no strings lessons and maintain their friendship. Can't they?

Well, Lauren Blakely does it again. Holy hotness. We've met both Nate and Casey in some of Lauren's earlier books and I was really looking forward to their story. And it was perfect, just like I knew it would be. Nate and case have taken their friendship to the friends with benefits level as he helps her discover her submissive side. The steam factor is off the charts and dear god I loved both Nate's authoritative aide as well as his tender side. The combination of both was just right. And now every time I go to Yankees Stadium, I will totally be thinking about these too and wondering what exactly is going on in those luxury boxes!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Book Review: Unexpected Fate (Hope Town #1) by Harper Sloan

The kids of the sexy alphas from the Corps Security team are all grown up and this is the start of their stories. We remember Cohen Cage as the boy who always wore a superhero cape and was obsessed with is father's below the belt jewelery. He might have been cute as a boy, but as a man Cohen is downright sexy. And Dani, daughter to Axel, has been in love with him since she was a little girl. Cohen cares for her deeply, that is obvious, but has been avoiding the mutual attraction for years. The timing just has never been right... but if keeps waiting for the perfect timing, he just may miss out on the best thing in his life.

I could not wait to get started on this spinoff series and see how the kids of those sexy men would fair. Especially Cohen, who was always a hoot as a boy. Now he's all grown up, and I mean REALLY grown up, and although extremely hot, he is also extremely frustrating. Stupid, stubborn man, ignoring what has been right in front of him for years. Well, Dani is sick and tired of waiting for him to wake up and take action so now she is going after her man. I admired her strength and determination in going after what she wants. I don't think Cohen ever stood a chance.

Book Review: Matched by S.E. Hall & Angela Graham

Eight celebrities and their plus ones on a beautiful tropical island. Some brought lovers, some brought friends and others brought family. Brought them where and for what? On a reality television show for charity, which also has everyone's hearts on the line. The computer's have matched everyone with another contestant as their soul mate, but how will they figure out who belongs with who? And who will get hurt in the process?

You know, I'm not a fan of reality TV, at all. I hardly, if ever, watch it, but I sure as hell enjoyed reading this story about it! I am going to be as vague as possible in this review because I really don't want to give a single thing away. There is one couple who came on the show, the football star and his high school sweetheart, feeling confident that they are each others soul mate. But will the show's computer agree with them? And can their love withstand the conniving bitches who will stop at nothing to win?

There is also the sexy as sin motocross star with his cocky attitude and wicked smirk, who I instantly fell in love with, and his sweet little sister who you just want to see happy. Then there are, of course, evil skanks abound spreading their legs and causing trouble everywhere.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Book Review: Garrett (Cold Fury Hockey #2) by Sawyer Bennett #Giveaway

All star hockey player Garrett has a different woman, or two, in his bed every night and is quite happy to continue on like that.  No relationships for him. The only thing he will ever commit to is the game of hockey. When he first spots Quinn, his plan with her is the same as with all of the others: get her in bed for one night of incredible orgasms.

Quinn has hit a monster rough patch in her life and could use a good distraction. A good, sexy, hockey player sized distraction and Garrett fits the bill quite nicely. However, once Garrett gets a taste of her, he knows one night might not be enough. Will they sate their lust and move on or will the charming ladies man finally delve into a relationship with one woman?

I knew I was in for one hell of a ride when I hit chapter two and started sobbing uncontrollably. Garrett was a fun side character in book one, Alex, and I was looking forward to getting my hands on him. I must say he really surprised me but in all good ways. Sure he changes sexual partners more often than he changes underwear, if he is wearing any, but underneath that is a fiercely loving and loyal man. His devotion to Quinn is so sweet and swoon inducing, not to mention what he can do with his tongue and hips. Good god. I truly enjoyed their relationship, even the inevitable angst and non-communication.

New Romance Releases: 2-17-15

Another mega release Tuesday! Here is a selection of new romance releases for Kindle for February 17, 2015.

►The Master by Kresely Cole:

►Garret by Sawyer Bennett:

►Forbidden Nights by Lauren Blakely:

►Unexpected Fate by Harper Sloan:

►Only In My Dreams by Darcy Burke:

►Forbidden Pleasures by M. S. Parker:

►You Only Love Twice by Lexi Blake:

►Ravage and Surrender by Cali MacKay:

►Gabe by M. Malone:

►Rogue Cowboy by Kasey Millstead:

►Touch & Go by Mira Lyn Kelly:

►Play My Game by J. Kenner:

►The Sport of Romance Anthology (99¢):

►Hate F*@k Part 1 by Ainsley Booth (99¢):

►Passionate Kisses Anthology (99¢):

Monday, February 16, 2015

Book Review: Controlling Her Pleasure (Under His Command #1) by Lili Valente

Blake and Erin were  each others first loves, until the day she walked away without so much as a goodbye or an explanation. Now 8 years later, Blake needs to see her to take back a piece of him she still carries. And he wont take no for an answer. Just how far is he willing to go? While so much is the same, including their attraction, so much has also changed. He can't let is lust for her get in the way of what he needs to do.

Wow. I'm not sure exactly what I expected but it certainly wasn't that! Which is absolutely a good thing! I wanted to read and review this book based on the blurb and because I love a good BDSM themed story. Controlling Her Pleasure is the first installment of a 3 part serial and while it is short, it certainly is not lacking in the heat department. It only gives us a small a taste of Blake's Dom side, but damn it is one yummy morsel. I am a little shocked by his plan though and my heart clenched on multiple occasions for Erin. I get the feeling there is more to her story that we don't know yet and I don't think it will be sunshine and rainbows. I am anxious for the next part, which releases in March 2, 2015, and to see how this all unfolds.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Movie Review: Fifty Shades of Grey #FiftyShades #OfficialFifty

On Friday February 6, 2015 I had the honor of being invited to the Fifty Shades First on TODAY screening event. This was not something I could miss so I grabbed my bestie and we hopped the train down to New York City. I will try to get a post up about the event and the fun later, but first I want to get to the part you are truly interested in: the movie.

New Romance Releases: 2-10-15

Another mega release Tuesday! Here is a selection of new romance releases for Kindle for February 10, 2015.

►Matched by S.E. Hall and Angela Graham:

►One Night Unveiled by Jodi Ellen Malpas:

►Where the Road Takes Me by Jay McLean:

►Bridged by Kendra Elliot:

►Under Her Clothes by Louisa Edwards:

►Adam by K.A. Robinson:

►Crown Me by Geneva Lee:

►Be Mine Erotic Anthology (99¢):

►Elite Metal Military Anthology (99¢):

►Hearts and Kisses Anthology (99¢):

►Shades of Kink Anthology (99¢):

►Losing It Anthology (99¢):

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Excerpt Reveal: Forbidden Nights by Lauren Blakely


Lauren Blakely does it again and brings readers more smoldering, sexy nights in her Seductive Nights Series with her newest novel, FORBIDDEN NIGHTS.

In Lauren Blakely’s newest Seductive Nights novel, Nate Harper knows exactly how to please a woman. And Casey Sullivan is convinced Nate is the one to give her some hands-on guidance. Lauren wants to deliver with some pleasure for her readers too -- so she’s offering an extra special Forbidden Getaway GIVEAWAY with this novel!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New Romance Releases: 2-3-15

Here is a selection of new romance eBook releases for February 3, 2015.

►Hero by Samantha Young:
►Better when He's Bold by Jay Crownover:
►Pink Shades of Words Anthology:
►Rough Justice by Sarah Castille:
►The Raven by Sylvain Reynard:
►Under His Guard by Rie Warren:
►Take Me Anthology (99¢):
►A Tase of Country by Vicki Green:
►Love Least Expected Anthology (99¢):
►Quarterback Draw by Jaci Burton:
►Cowboy Delight by Cheryl Brooks:

Cover Reveal: Zack (Cold Fury Hockey #3) by Sawyer Bennett

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