Saturday, January 31, 2015

Book Review: Piercing Ecstasy (Guardians of the Realms #5) by Setta Jay

Jax is pretty much the textbook definition of a man whore. Over the centuries he has been know for his insatiable sexual appetite and he keeps a harem of women, and occasionally a man, at his beck and call. However, with so many of his Guardian brothers finding their mates, he knows he will probably be finding his own soon as well.

Illeana has been completely on her own since she was a little girl. Her only goal in life is revenge and she has made sure she is a kick ass warrior so she can get what she desperately aches for. The minute she sees and scents Jax, she knows exactly what he is to her and how screwed she is. Her search was just starting to get somewhere and now she will have to deal with this inconvenience.

I have to admit that I was a bit wary of Jax based on things he said in the previous book. He just came off as a bit of a jerk. But I worried for no reason because he was amazing. Setta has a beautiful talent for writing alpha males with the most delicious dirty mouths and Jax's had me melting through the entire book. But beyond his dirty words, I loved the way he was with Illeana. The tenderness and appreciation he showed for his mate was swoon worthy.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Book Review: Throb by Vi Keeland

Kate is a contestant on Throb, a reality show similar to The Bachelor. She's here because she needs that grand prize. The money will go a long way to help her family. And luckily, the man all the woman are vying for is both sweet and handsome. She just has to stay focused and follow the rules, which is going well until she meets Cooper.

Cooper is a Hollywood producer and a workaholic and he likes his life just fine. He never realized he was missing anything until Kate. Now the only girl he has ever truly wanted is the one girl he can't have. Bound by the rules of the show, Kate is forbidden from dating anyone. But watching her be seduced by another man might kill him. Can they wait to start a relationship till after the show concludes or will they finally give in to the attraction and have to hide everything.

Throb is different from the MMA books I've read by Ms. Keeland in the past and I really enjoyed the change of pace. This was a fun read that both made me laugh and made me cry. Cooper is a yummy alpha male completely in charge of his empire and I loved how bossy he could be in the bedroom. That bossiness mixed with a touch of sweetness results in a man that makes your knees weak.

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We are just slightly over 2 weeks from the Valentine's Day release of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie and if you are like me, you have been counting down each day since this movie was announced! Eeeep, I am so excited for it! I am honored that I get to attend the Fifty Shades First on TODAY screening event next week.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New Romance Releases: 1-27-15

►Falling for Jillian by Kristen Proby:

►Throb by Vi Keeland:

►Beautiful Redemption by Jamie McGuire:

►Cartel: Book 1 by Lili St Germain:

►In His Keeping by Maya Banks:

►Risking it All by Tessa Bailey:

►Billionaire Untamed: Tate by J. S. Scott:

►Hot Ice by Lynn Raye Harris:

►Maximum Risk by Ruth Cardello:

►Take Me With You by K.A. Linde:

►Impulse: Infinitus Billionaire by E. B. Walters (99¢):

►Fireworks: Riley by Liliana Hart (99¢):

►1001 Dark Nights Bundle One:

►The Reclamation by Lauren Rowe:

Monday, January 19, 2015

Book Review: Beautiful Burn by Adriane Leigh

Reed is a high school English teacher and a college instructor during the summer. A few years ago, he had Auburn as a student and there seemed to be something between them. There was certain chemistry but they never took it beyond friendship. Since then his life has gone downhill rather quickly and now he is in the midst of a separation from his wife. And there is Auburn again, sitting in the college course he is teaching. This time, it is clear that she feels the same for him, but can they act on it this time? She may be of age now, but he is still ten years her senior and was once her high school teacher. The repercussions in their small town could be career ending for him.

Before you sit down with this book, make sure you 1. are in a nice comfy spot where you can stay for several hours and 2. have a box of tissues close by. Once you get started on this heart wrenching story, you will not be able to stop. And the tears will flow. A lot.

The majority of this book is told from Reed's point of view, which I absolutely loved. I'm a total sucker for always being in the guy's mind. However, I was frustrated with Reed. At first he fights his attraction to Auburn, not wanting to cross that line. It sort of seems to the reader that there is more going on in his life that we are unaware of. When Reed finally realizes that he and Auburn are inevitable, he insists on keeping their relationship a secret, which I totally get. But as it continues on for weeks then months, I began to doubt he will ever file for a divorce.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Book Review: Tempting Ecstasy (Guardians of the Realms #4) by Setta Jay

Guardian Conn has gotten a scent of his mate and now he can't wait to meet her. To get his hands on her. He has tracked her down and is finally getting his first glimpse of her beauty. Dacia and her family are immortals who have been quietly living on Earth and unaware of how many other immortals there are out there. She is taken completely by surprise by the beautiful creature standing in her him and claiming she is his. Where did he come from and why does she feel compelled to climb him.

Conn has his work cut out for him with Dacia, getting her to trust him and explain pretty much everything to her. But he is looking forward to it, despite how being so closer to her is sweet torture. Dacia is determined not to give into the mating frenzy until she knows more and completely trusts Conn. But there is only so much she can take before she caves.

There are so  many things that I love about Conn. For one, I love how he embraced his mate. He didn't try to fight it or run from it. He was genuinely happy to have found Dacia. Even more than that, I really liked how patient he was with her. Conn understood how overwhelming everything was for her and had no problem waiting for her to get to a place where she felt safe and comfortable giving into the frenzy. Plus like all of Setta's heroes, he has a beautifully dirty mouth.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Book Review: 'Til Death Volume 2 by Bella Jewel

Marcus and Katia's story is not all love and hearts and flowers. It is toxic and chaotic and really not good for anyone. It was like watching two trains hurdling down the same tract towards each other. You know exactly what is about to happen, know the destruction that will follow. You dread watching it unfold yet there is no way for you to tear your gaze away from the inevitable wreckage. That is what reading these two was like for me.

In Volume One, Marcus was the monster. He used Katia for his own personal gain and while he may have done some things out of love, it didn't matter. In Volume Two, Katia becomes the monster. An emotionless, empty monster. We see a bit of how Marcus struggled after they split, and struggled is an understatement, yet I couldn't bring myself to sympathize with the jerk. Everything that happened was his own doing and he completely broke Katia. He is responsible for what she has become. Can they repair what might have been love or are they better off cutting ties and finally moving on?

Release Day: Total Submission (The Submission #3) by Roxy Sloane

“You need me,” I whisper in her ear. I slip a hand between her thighs, stroking a fingertip over the damp lace of her panties and the heat of her core. “You want me to order you down on your knees right now, command you to suck my cock. You want me to dominate you, my darling, because that’s the most alive you’ve ever felt before. And I can give it to you. I can give you what you need.”

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Book Review: With A Twist (Last Call #4) by Sawyer Bennett

Local cop Wyatt and FBI agent Andrea are deep undercover working to bring down a Raleigh sex slave ring. One false move and the whole thing can get blown and put them both in grave danger. They are both playing their roles perfectly and will do anything to see this mission through. Anything.

I really enjoyed the crime/suspense part of the story, which is roughly the first 25% of the book. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see if they would pull this off, if they would get caught or if the bad guys would get away. And the whole time that is all going on, the attraction and sexual tension between Wyatt and Andrea is growing and growing. By the time the mission was finally over, I was ready to explode right along with them. And explode they did.

There is very little angst, if any really, and I loved that. To not have to curse at the main characters for mistakes and miscommunications was a nice change. No there is none of that, but there are a lot of steamy encounters and just an overall good time.

Friday, January 2, 2015

99¢ Sale: The Escort Series by Isbael Lucero

It's Living in Sin's one year publiversary!! To celebrate, the entire Escort Series is on sale through January 4th. You can get each book for only 99¢. If you haven't read the bestselling series yet, now's the time to take a chance and fall in love with Jace, Troy, and Marc like many other ladies have.
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