Thursday, September 25, 2014

Book Review: Ecstasy Claimed (The Guardians of the Realms #2) by Setta Jay

Gregoire has known about his mate for 25 years. Yet even though he could have claimed her five years ago, he waited, knowing she was still too young to handle him. That hasn't stopped him from wanting her though. Desperately. But he has had to settle for watching her from a far; needing to keep his distance to avoid setting off their mating frenzy.

Alyssa has just learned that her parents have been keeping a huge secret from her; she has a mate. And not just any mate, a damn Guardian. Now she is pissed. Pissed at them for not telling her and pissed at Gregoire for not claiming her. That rejection stings more than she cares to admit and only adds to her many insecurities. She is small for er race and everyone makes sure she knows it. Well, she is done living her life by everyone else's will.

After watching his closest Guardian brother Uri in his mating ceremony to Alex, Gregoire knows the time has come to claim Alyssa.  But Alyssa has many insecurities to overcome and only a few days to process she has a mate... will she be able to find happiness with him? They definitely have some obstacles to overcome while also dealing with the turmoil within the Realms.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Book Review: Indiscretion Volume 2 by Elisabeth Grace

So we pick up where we left off in Volume One with Chloe and Max in a bear of a situation. <snicker> Once they manage to find their way out of it, then the real sexiness of this story can begin. At first the adrenaline makes them need each other right this instant. Over the few weeks that follow they just can't get enough of one another. Something starts to shift between them but both Chloe and Max are in denial of this being anything more than a summer fling.

Then it all comes to a crashing halt with Chloe's jerk of a boss. Just what exactly is his problem with the Richfield family? We'll have to wait on answers to that question. Chloe knows what she must do but she doesn't think she is ready to give Max up yet. Until something pisses her off and she marches over to his hotel to put him in his place. Wat set her off? We'll have to wait untill book 3 to find out.

Three words: Massage. Table. Sex.

Holy hell! (Adds to sex bucket list).

I  just have to say that the sex scenes in this are delicious. While I do like to focus on that aspect, there is more to this serial than just hot monkey sex. I am enjoying it not only for the steam factor, but everything else that is going on. What kind of past is Max hiding? Why does Chloe's boss hate Max's family? There is an interesting plot here as well and I can't wait to continue wit book 3.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Book Review: Heart of Light by T.K. Leigh

Jolene has finally escaped. After 10 years in that monster's captivity, she has gotten away. She no longer has to lay there while him and his clients use and abuse her body. Now she just has to make sure they never find her because she absolutely cannot go back there. This beach front cottage on a small Florida island seems like a good place to start over.

For the last few years, Cameron hasn't been in a good place. He is still hurting over the one that got away and just hasn't been his usual self. When he finds out that his best friend rented out his beach house he is livid. And he is a ginormous jerk to Jolene this first time they meet. He softens, however, once he gets a good look into her eyes. She is beautiful for sure, but it is more than that that draws him in He sees some of the pain and fear that she is trying to hide and if nothing else, he wants to help her.

It's not too long before part of Jolene's past finds her. She is torn between the feelings that she is developing for Cam and trying to protect him from the horror that is her life. What will happen when Cam finds out everything?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Book Review: When You're Mine (MINE #3) by K. Langston

Tabitha refuses to break girl code and succumb to her all consuming desire for Barrett, her best friend's ex. But really, how long can a girl hold out when a sexy, determined lawyer is seducing her? I've got to give her credit for holding out a lot longer than I would have. There is so much more to Tabitha that what the surface glimpses have showed us. She hides so much pain and fear behind her cool facade. Even without the Maddie issue, she has secrets that will ultimately keep her and Barrett apart. Secrets that she is not willing to disclose. My heart broke for this girl on so many levels.

After Because You're Mine, I didn't care much for Barrett. I felt he was a womanizing prick who liked to sleep with his staff. A bit presumptuous of me since we barely got to know him? Sure. But I was partially right since he does in fact have a penchant for screwing interns. The rest I couldn't have been more wrong about. The fact is he is just so overly devoted to his work that he doesn't have time for relationships. And he is OK with that. He has never felt like he was missing anything, Until Tabitha. What I loved about Barrett was that once he found something he wanted, his devotions changed. Claiming Tabitha became his new number one priority. He was thoughtful and determined and sexy as hell. He wants her, wants more with her, and nothing is going to stop him until he makes her his.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Book Review: Uncivilized by Sawyer Bennett

This book right here is pure smut at its finest. A contemporary and erotic take on Tarzan meets the modern world and it had me hooked from the minute I read the blurb months ago.

Zach has spent the last 18 years living in the Amazon, left behind at the age of seven with a local tribe when his parents perished. A family friend has just discovered that he is still alive and has sent anthropologist Moira to bring him back and acclimate him to life in the United States. The problem is that Zach doesn't want to leave. He hates Moira for her role in ripping him away from his home. But there is a fine line between lust and hate and he wants nothing more than to bend Moira over and dominate her. When she offers to teach him anything he wants just as long as he gives being here a shot, Zach demands that she teach him about sex in her world. And books and the Internet aren't good enough for him; he wants hands on lessons. From her. He has made it no secret that he plans on returning to the Amazon sooner rather than later, so the trick is keeping this just physical.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Book Review & Blitz: The Invitation #1 by Roxy Sloane

Holy. Fuckin. Shit.

I'm sorry that I just started off my review with profanity (#SorryNotSorry) but seriously there is no other way for me to describe how I felt after reading this book. I absolutely loved Roxy Sloane's The Seduction serial and somehow she has already blown me away with the first installment of The Invitation. I already love Ash more than I loved Vaughn, which I never would have believed to be possible.

Ash and Justine (J.J.) have been attending law school together for two years. Both of them are players but they decided early on that they would not cross that line with each other. So they became the best of friends sharing their sexual exploits and fantasies with one another. But two years of friendship turned into two years of longing. Now school is over and Ash is heading home to England tomorrow, and they both want to make their last night together one to remember.

What follows is the hottest night of their lives. No, hot doesn't even begin to adequately describe this book! It was naughty and dirty and absolutely perfect. Fast forward three years and Justine hasn't heard a word frm Ash despite her trying to contact him a few times. Now she is in New York working on a case when she receives a mysterious and sensual invitation. What, and more importantly who, awaits her if she accepts?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Book Review: The de Valery Code (Regency Treasure Hunters #1) by Darcy Burke

Margery Derrington is desperate to find a way to save herself and her aunts from financial ruin. When they stumble upon an ancient book in their attic, she hopes she has found the solution. Margery heads to visit Mr. Bowen, an expert in these things, to find out the value.

Rhys Bowen loves books and antiquities and prides himself on his expertise, like his father before him. When Margery walks in with the long sought after de Valery text, he finds it hard to contain his excitement. Excitement over both the book and the girl. This book holds some value for sure, but not as much value as the supposed treasure it could potentially lead him to. Little does he know how much danger searching for it will get them both into.

God I love a good historical romance and Darcy Burke writes some of the best ones out there! When one of her books is released, you can be certain I clear my schedule and make time to read it. Her Secrets & Scandals series is one of my all time favorite historical romance series and I could not wait for The de Valery Code.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Book Review: Rival (Fall Away #2) by Penelope Douglas

I feel like I have been waiting ages for this book, and yet I really had to psych myself up for it. I loved Bully and Until You and all of the gut wrenching emotions they brought with them. But the ARC for Rival sat in my inbox for weeks before I finally worked up enough courage to start it. Why? Because I knew it would grab hold of me and take me on an emotional journey that would leave me wrecked. And it was everything that I expected it to be.

After reading the first two books in this series, I was really looking forward to learning more about Madoc. Sure he had plenty of super jerk moments, but you could tell tell there was something more underneath the surface. And what is there is a boy hiding a world of hurt behind a cool, wise ass facade. Nothing could have prepared me for the world of pain that Madoc and Fallon go through. And Fallon? Dear God poor Fallon. She really took the brunt of it all and my heart literally split apart for her.

I wavered back and forth in my feelings for both of them between loving them and then being so frustrated with them that I wanted to throw things. At their heads. They make stupid, selfish mistakes that will make you scream but ultimately, they are kids and that is par for the course. In the end, I do love them both and their love for each other. I just wish they had an easier road.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Book Review: Conspire by S.E. Hall and Erin Noelle

Graham Harrison doesn't believe for one minute what the police are telling him about his little brother's death. Determined to uncover the truth, he takes on a new identity and infiltrates the company Devon was interning for. No matter the cost he will solve this puzzle and take them all down in the process. But he wasn't counting on her.

Jocelyn Craig may be an executive at her father's company, but she is warm and humble and nothing like her father or the jerk, Hunter, whom everyone expects her to marry. Years of doing everything her father as demanded has caught up with her and she finally wants to start living for herself. Do the things that she wants to do. Go after things that she wants. And she definitely wants her new employee, Bryce (Graham). The chemistry between the two of them is instantaneous and off the charts but what happens when all the lies and truths come out?

Monday, September 8, 2014

Book Review: Melt for Him (Fighting Fire #2) by Lauren Blakely

Fire Captain Becker is a bit of a loner. Sure he has his bar and the guys at the firehouse, but most of them time he prefers being solo. The weight of past losses always on his mind and pulling him down. Megan is a wanderer and doesn't stick around anywhere long enough to put down roots. Or get close to anyone. She is back in her hometown for a few weeks to visit family and shoot the upcoming firemen calendar. Neither of them is looking for any kind of relationship, but maybe a night or two with each other, virtual strangers, is just what they need. That is until they find out who the other truly is. She is his best friend's sister and he is a fire fighter, someone she promise herself to steer clear of.

I love a good, sexy fireman story and Melt for Him was the perfect combination of steamy and a little bit sweet. Becker has got the sexy brooding thing down pat underneath that lies a compassionate men. He is also a giver, and ladies, who doesn't love a giver in bed? I had mixed feelings with Megan as she was just a little bit harder for me to connect with. I understood her fear but I was annoyed with her choices and how she let that fear control her. I did love her quirkiness and her spirit though.

I do love all of Lauren's books and this was another one that I enjoyed. It made for a steamy and perfect afternoon read for me while enjoying the first week of having my kids back in school. I can only hope that Lauren will give us some more sexy fireman and more books in this series.

Cover Reveal: Indiscretion Volume 4 by Elisabeth Grace

Friday, September 5, 2014

Book Review: Dante's Fire by Jennifer Probst

Dante has been both blessed and cursed with his superhuman abilities since he was a young boy. He has honed his skill over time in order to help those in need. However, it leaves him to live a very lonely life. He has found it impossible to maintain a relationship so he just stops trying. Masquerading as a low level employee in his own company, Dante finds that he has silently fallen in love with an executive. He plans on keeping his feelings to himself until everything changes the night she is the one who needs his help.

Selina has worked up from absolutely nothing to the top of the New York City property world. Determined to have a successful career, she has little time or desire for romance. She may be attracted to her very handsome coworker, but that is all it can ever be - attraction. It's not until she is in desperate need of saving that she realizes how truly lonely she is. Now she must reconcile the feelings she has for both her nighttime savior and daytime flirt. And what will happen when Selina finds out the truth about who Dante really is?

Paranormal romance is not something I am used to seeing from Jennifer Probst and I am still fairly new to the genre myself. So I was a tad bit nervous going in. Which was totally unwarranted because this was fantastic.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Book Review: Uncover Me by Linda Barlow

All Ellie wants is to have a little adventure on her Turkish vacation and maybe some capture some gorgeous photos along the way. When she sees a beautiful, blonde god enter the viewfinder of her camera, she can't help but click away. However, the photos of her real life pirate soon turn to evidence of an illegal transaction. Before she can get the hell out of there, she is caught.

Nick can't believe that this little photographer stumbled upon his most recent exchange. While he won't kill her, he won't let her go either. He must move forward and finish his job which means that Ellie now has to come along for the ride. But the real catch is that is she wants to survive, she must submit to him 100%.


I loved this book. LOVED!

Cover Reveal: The Invitation by Roxy Sloane

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