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Book Review: Ecstasy Claimed (The Guardians of the Realms #2) by Setta Jay

Gregoire has known about his mate for 25 years. Yet even though he could have claimed her five years ago, he waited, knowing she was still too young to handle him. That hasn't stopped him from wanting her though. Desperately. But he has had to settle for watching her from a far; needing to keep his distance to avoid setting off their mating frenzy.

Alyssa has just learned that her parents have been keeping a huge secret from her; she has a mate. And not just any mate, a damn Guardian. Now she is pissed. Pissed at them for not telling her and pissed at Gregoire for not claiming her. That rejection stings more than she cares to admit and only adds to her many insecurities. She is small for er race and everyone makes sure she knows it. Well, she is done living her life by everyone else's will.

After watching his closest Guardian brother Uri in his mating ceremony to Alex, Gregoire knows the time has come to claim Alyssa.  But Alyssa has many insecurities to overcome and only a few days to process she has a mate... will she be able to find happiness with him? They definitely have some obstacles to overcome while also dealing with the turmoil within the Realms.

I cannot emphasize enough how much I am loving this series. I love being taken away into this fantasy world and losing myself in the Realms and characters and chaos. Setta Jay has a wonderful way of not only writing delicious alpha males but also strong yet vulnerable leafing ladies that you can't help but love.  Alyssa has self confidence and self image issues just like the rest of us women. Despite that however, she is also strong in many other areas, she just doesn't realize it. Her Immortal abilities with wind and air are impressive and she definitely know how to speak her mind. Once again I connected with Setta's heroine because she made her personality so real.

There there is Gregoire, another dirty talking alpha. You can never have enough of those now can you? (The correct answer is no. No you can't.) Yes he is dominant but there is also tender sweetness inside of him. His actions show the utmost consideration for Alyssa's feelings and well being. Now I'm not going to lie, I absolutely loved these two together in bed as well. His need to claim her in every sense of the word was mind blowing.

In addition to the erotic love story (and trust me, it is hot) there is also so much going on around them. There is the continuing story of Erik and Sam plus the unrest in the Teteros Realm: evil Immortals, young Mageias women gone missing and hell beasts attacking everywhere. There is plenty to keep you on your toes. This book was non-stop action and passion and I loved it.

Favorite Quotes
"Open your eyes. I want you to see who owns this pussy."

"Keep talking, keep your mind open, and let me feel how hot you're getting sucking my cock."

"This possessiveness you've unleashed and decided to toy with isn't tame. Keep that in mind when you poke the beast, like you were just doing. If you let anyone touch you, they die. You're mine."

Marianna's Rating:

**I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Title: Ecstasy Claimed
Author: Setta Jay
Series: The Guardians of the Realms #2
Genre: Erotica, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy
Gregoire has spent centuries with his brother Guardians fighting for the safety and security of the Realms. Endless decades of battling mixed with bouts of mindless sex to sate his needs. Needs that haven’t truly been fulfilled since she was born. The one destined to be his bonded mate. For the last twenty five years Gregoire has kept his distance giving her time to grow into a female who is capable of handling his intense dominance.

Alyssa has done everything that was expected of her, until the day she finds out she has a mate who has left her unclaimed. Unheard of when mates are rare and coveted. Even worse is the fact that he is the most powerful of her race and a Guardian of the Realms. Furious at the rejection she decides she is now in charge of her life. No more will she allow others to rule her.

Against the backdrop of evil forces that are conspiring to topple the Realms, can Gregoire find his wayward mate before she is taken by corrupt Immortals? Can Alyssa forgive him and learn to exert her own female power while surrendering to his savage passion? And will the two of them be able to forge a mate bond that cannot be severed... or will they be forever cursed with an Ecstasy Unclaimed?

Warning – Dirty talking, possessive alpha male; scenes of sexual exhibition; an instance of f/f; spankings and more.


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