A Reading Love Affair
My love for books has pretty much been a life long affair. I am totally showing my age here, but remember The Babysitters Club and Twin Valley High series'? Yup, I had a book cabinet loaded with those. I was never a fan of the "classics" they made us read in school, with the exception of Shakespeare and Tolkien. So for the most part, I didn't read them. Or if I did, I certainly did not enjoy them. However, I did read plenty on my own time and of course, mostly cheesy romance books. Age appropriate of course. During the summer, my cousin and I could be found lying on the beaches of the New Jersey Shore with our heads buried in a book. One summer we found a used book store near our vacation rental and we went crazy.

photo by Laurie Gaboardi
In college I discovered the Expanded Universe of Star Wars books and a new obsession began. But as I got older and eventually got married and had four kids in five years, the time I had for reading was reduced to pretty much zero. How can you sit down with a book when you are chasing twin toddlers around? You can't. Or at least I couldn't; until I bought my Kindle two year ago. Best. Purchase. Ever! My Kindle is my very best friend and my husband's worst nightmare, because now I read a lot. A LOT. I spent the first few months catching up on several years of new Star Wars books and reading The Hunger Games series. Then last summer I loaded my Kindle with the Game of Thrones series plus the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy and had a damn field day. And with Christian Grey, my love for romance novels was reignited.

I am an equal opportunity romance novel lover. Contemporary, new adult, erotica, historical, whatever - I read them all. OK well not paranormal... yet. I read about one book a day (which is crazy insane, I know) so I figured, why not start a blog about all the romance I read? And here we are!

Who is Marianna?
I live in Connecticut with my husband of ten years and our four rambunctious boys. I am a geek who loves all things Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Marvel Superheroes; a ginormous New Jersey Devils fan; and a green living enthusiast. I have been blogging four 4.5 years over at my blog Marianna, which is a hodgepodge of pretty much everything: product reviews, family life, green living, etc. I'm terrible with talking about myself, so if there is something you want to know about me, just ask!

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