Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Book Review: Endure (Evolve #4) by S.E. Hall #Giveaway

Unlike my usual book reviews, I am not going to do my short summary. Why? Well simply because I don't want to risk giving anything away, especially for the readers out there who love this series as much as I do. Now, the first book in this series, Emerge, was the first New Adult book I had ever read and I immediately fell in love with this author, this crew of characters and this genre. S.E. Hall's writing is emotional and her stories take a firm grip of your heart, while making you chuckle along the way.

I have been anxiously awaiting Zach's story for what seems like forever. Then I started reading the first half of this book and I was like "WTF is going on here?!" Not because it was bad but because it was what I expected and I was feeling confused and frustrated. As I neared the half way point, my frustration with certain characters hit a high and I wanted to scream at someone. But the second half, sigh, the second half was everything I had been waiting for.

Zach is such a good guy and he's been burned too many times. I desperately wanted to see him fall in love and be happy. I wish it didn't take so long for him and his girl to get their happily ever after, but it was worth the wait. Endure was a great ending to one of my all-time favorite New Adult series. I am sad to say goodbye to The Crew, but I loved the shit out of their journey. Thank you S.E. Hall for all the tears, the laughter and the panty melting hotness.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Book Review: Perfectly Imperfect by Harper Sloan #Giveaway

Willow Tate lost the one person in her life that loved her unconditionally. Now all she has left is a "family" of bullies who degrade her all damn day and night. (Grrrrrrr.) Their actions and words combined with her own guilt push Willow into depression and self loathing. It's not until years later when she hits rock bottom that she makes the decision to change. Though she is well on her way to having a better attitude towards herself, she just doesn't believe it when movie star Kane Masters shows an interest in her. This must be some passing fling or joke, because what would a guy like him see in a girl like her? Everything.

If you've read any of Harper's Corps Security or Hope Town books, you should know that this book really isn't anything like those. And that is NOT a bad thing, at all. You will still get hella hot sexy times and a swoon-worthy Hero, but there is a much deeper emotional level to this story that I think almost everyone will be able to connect with.

This book hit close to home for me as I am sure it will for many other women. No matter our size, shape, color, etc., so many of us struggle with self image issues. For myself personally, I have been struggling with weight and body image since I was in eighth grade. Heck, maybe even earlier than that when I was in fourth grade and a girl in my class asked me why my butt stuck. (Because my ass is awesome, bitch).I hated my body back in middle school, high school and into my twenties. It's not until now in my mid-thirties that i am finally comfortable in my own skin. Mostly.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Book Review: Sinful Longing (Sinful Nights #3) by Lauren Blakely

Colin Sloane might not have the best past, but he's gotten is act together and turned his life around. He's no longer the lost boy he once was but now a successful business man and loving brother. Now he just needs to get the girl and he has his sights set on Elle Mariano. Unfortunately for him, he is just the type of man Elle is determined not to fall for again.  She can't let her their friends-with-benefits arrangement turn into anything more. Can Colin get her to trust him and not let his past dictate their future?

What is it about a man in a suit with lots of delicious tattoos hidden underneath that is so damn hot? I have been intrigues by Colin ever since we got that first glimpse of him in the first book of this series, and I was very much looking forward to getting to know him better. All of him. Sigh. Sure he's got some demons in his past, not to mention a batshit crazy mom, but those things have made him stronger. He's sexy and loyal and sexy and smart... and did I  mention sexy? Cause damn.

Elle has her own history and refuses to let it repeat itself. She is determined to protect herself and those she cares about from any more of her mistakes and keeps Colin at arms length for as long as she cans. I without a doubt understand why she had her hesitations but I also thought she was insane for not grabbing hold of everything that man was offering.

Cover Reveal: The Baller by Vi Keeland

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Book Review: Unlawful Justice by K.C. Lynn & K. Langston #Giveaway

The town of Harmony Falls, Texas has recently been riddled with crime. The once peaceful town is now in full blown chaos as things have escalated into deaths and disgusting acts of vengeance. Hate fill the streets and homes of this small town, wreaking havoc with no end in sight. Despite it all, is it possible for two souls at the center of it to find love? Just maybe peace, love and truth will prevail...

So this is one of those books that I needed to take a day (or five) off after reading it before I could sit down and attempt to write a review. Even now, almost a week later, I'm not sure my thoughts will be very coherent or even come close to doing this novel justice, but I'll try.

These two authors have come together to write a truly powerful story that not only engages your heart but your mind as well. (And, ahem, other body parts). It makes you think about the world around us, the hate that sadly still consumes the world, and what the heck are we going to do about it? As much as I wish it wasn't so, racism and corruption are very much a part of our society. Hate is an ugly, multifaceted stone with so many sides at war with each other. It's not just black vs. white here in Harmony Falls, but also good cops vs. bad cops; right vs. wrong and so on... and I was truly impressed how these authors managed to equally and honestly show all sides.
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