Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Book Review: Stuck-Up Suit (Cocky Bastard #2) by Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward

After reading the awesomeness that was Cocky Bastard, I could not wait for another book from this writing duo. I loved the premise of this book and how the Graham and Soraya meet: by her watching his hot, arrogant ass on the train and then finding his lost phone. What followed her discovery was pretty damn hilarious. She might have called some of the numbers stored in his phone. And she just might have texted some others. I loved this, it had me cracking up, and I really wish she did some more of that and we got to see his reaction to it. Then of course there is the entire returning the phone interaction that was just priceless. Followed by some fun and dirty banter. All of this together was really working for me and kept me laughing while I waited for the sexy stuff.

I liked Soraya a lot - her personality was fun and strong and really shown through the pages. Plus, her name is kind of kick ass. Sure Graham was arrogant and way too serious for his own good, but Soraya brought out the best in him. The progression of their relationship, however, fell just a bit flat for me. I can't really pinpoint why other than maybe it felt rushed? It's weird because it was good in so many ways but there was something missing that kept me from absolutely loving them together.

The obstacles they faced were pretty intense and I found myself extremely disappointed in their choices, particularly Soraya's. I went from adoring her to wanting to smack some sense into her. While this may not have been as big a hit for me as Cocky Bastard was (tough act to follow, honestly), it was still a good, fun and sexy read that I enjoyed. I hope this duo continues to collaborate on more books as I know it's a guaranteed good time.

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