Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Book Review: Last Light (Night Owl #2) by M. Pierce

When I read Night Owl way back in January, like most readers I was completely captivated by the story and Matt. It was original and different and dirty and I couldn't pull myself away. So I have been anxiously awaiting Last Light and nearly jumped up and down when I got a chance to review it. Warning: This series MUST be read in order. If you have not read Night Owl yet then do not read this review.

Last Light picks up right after the final events of Night Owl. You remember that ending, don't you? The cliff hanger to end all cliff hangers. Well thankfully we immediately get the answer to one of the biggest book ending questions of the year - is Matt Sky still alive? Well obviously since here we are in book 2, but it was a relief to finally know what the heck happened. I have to say that I was a bit conflicted here. I mean I am glad that Matt is alive and all, but I was also pissed at what he did.

The story that unfolds is both enthralling and frustrating. Matt and Hanna are almost toxic . When they are good, they are so damn good. Delicious in fact. But the bad is torture. During their separation they both make mistake after mistake. Matt is absolutely neurotic and his web of lies is bound to get him in trouble. The fact that there are all of these lies and secrets between the two of them made me want to scream. It took me 3 days to read this book, which is long for me, because I had to walk away every now and then to save my own sanity. No use really, it totally made me neurotic too.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Book Review & Blitz: The Invitation 3: Release by Roxy Sloane

Roxy Sloane has done it again. She's wrapped up her second filthy serial perfectly.

The Invitation 3 picks up where book 2 left off, with the revelation of Justine's mystery lover. And Justine is flipping the fuck out. Understandably. She might have been secretly wishing about who this man would be, but that didn't prepare her for the reality of it. Is he playing with her? Why all the mystery? Is she just some game to him?

Ash makes it clear that this is no joke and that he is completely serious about his feeling for Justine. After three years away from her, he doesn't want to wait any longer. But Ash still has some secrets that he is holding on tight too. Eventually his past and those secrets catch up to him and threaten to shatter when he has just started to build with Justine. How can she trust him now when he hasn't been completely honest with her?

Friday, October 24, 2014

Book Review: One Night with Her (Seductive Nights #3.5) by Lauren Blakely

The Seductive Nights Series is my favorite series by Lauren Blakely and I have been anxious for it to continue. Michelle and Jack's journey kicks off with this intro novella, One Night with Her. I have come to absolutely love Lauren's brief introduction stories. They set up the full novel perfectly with just enough about each character to get you interested and a small taste of steam to have you panting for more.

Michelle Milo is a psychiatrist in New York City who specializes in relationships and intimacy. Ironically, she spent the last 10 years of her life in love with a man who only ever saw her as a friend. Now that he is happily married, she is struggling to move on and forget about him. Jack Sullivan runs a successful sex toy company and is one of New York's most eligible bachelors. Though he sells sex for a living, his own sex life is non-existent. Fed up with his "intimacy issues," his sister is pushing him to move one. He just hasn't cared much about it until he spots the sexy woman in the hotel bar.

Michelle and Jack share some flirty, sexy banter and a few cocktails at the bar as the pull between them continues to grow stronger. They are both on the same page for one hot night with a stranger. As their night comes to an end, they start to make plans for another, until a revelation derails that train. It looks like one night might be all they get.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Book Review: Alex (Cold Fury Hockey #1) by Sawyer Bennett

Hockey star Alex Crossman might be one of the best in the game, but he despises playing hockey. He has a well earned reputation for being a prick to his teammates, fans...hell, everyone! Management is sick of his attitude and demands he gets his act in gear. So they force him to work with a local drug outreach program.

On the flip side, Sutton Price absolutely loves what she does working with at rick youth. She can relate to these kids and being able to help them is important to her. When she finds out she will be working with a sports superstar to bring more awareness, she is excited for the chance to make a bigger impact. However, she wasn't expecting the sex god that walked into her office. Or his asshole personality. Their attraction to each other is fierce, but should they cross that line?

Honestly, Alex is not an easy character to like. He doesn't just have a chip on his shoulder, he is carrying a giant boulder up there! Spending time with Sutton softens him and we get to see the vulnerability that is under the surface. I may  not have loved him, but I liked him well enough and I truly felt for him and the crap childhood he had.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Book Review & Blitz: Ruin (Songs of Corruption #2) by C.D. Reiss

This lady. I promise you she draws me in like no other writer. It doesn't matter how long it has been since I've read Spin,I was immediately sucked back into Theresa and Antonio's world and they had a choke hold on me until I read the very last word.

Ruin picks up shortly after Spin left off. Antonio had made his "family" aware that Theresa is his and under his protection and now they are both dealing with the repercussions of that declaration. He wants to protect her, to keep her locked up and safe but she is going stir crazy. But the threats to them are very much real, from his former right hand man to her ex, and they need to be careful.

There was so much going on in this story that made it such a thrilling ride. When Antonio and Theresa come together, there is no better way to describe it other than raw. Words like gritty, primal and animalistic also come to mind. Nothing about them is typical, which only made me love them more.

Cover Reveal: Taint by S.L. Jennings

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Book Review: Stars in Their Eyes (Caught Up in Love #2) by Lauren Blakely

First of all, if you haven't read the FREE prequel novella A Starstruck Kiss, stop now and go read it. It sets up this book so perfectly so I highly recommend you start there.

Now, 21 year old Jess is pre-med and paying her way through collage working as a paparazzo. If she can somehow snag some photos of the upcoming celeb wedding, it would pay for a nice amount of her classes. William graduates college in two months and is doing some part time work at a security/private investigation company. As great as graduating will be, he also dreads it since his student visa will be up and he'll have to return to England. Unless he can find a full-time job to sponsor his work visa.

Jess and William both have something the other desperately needs. William can get her into the wedding and Jess can give him the intel he needs on paparazzo. While they have agreed to help each other out, there is so much more going on between these two. Though Jess didn't want to get involved with any guy right now, she simply can't resist is charm. But while they are falling for each other, will everything else fall into place so they can both get whet they need?

Monday, October 6, 2014

Book Review: Temper For You (For You #3) by Genna Rulon

Meg has secrets. Lots and lots of secrets that she keeps buried so deep not a single person in her life knows about them. While she does have a handful of friends, she won't let herself get truly close to anyone. It's better that way. And she certainly doesn't want any kind of relationship with a guy, despite the fact that she is still chasing that ever elusive O.

Defense attorney Westly is a jerk and he makes no apologies for it. He knows who he is and he owns it: different girls every week, sketchy clients and all. He has absolutely no desire for long term relationships, not after what happened with his parents. But he'd be lying if he said he wasn't dying for a taste of Meg. It seems that fate is on Westly's side when he discovers that she is his neighbor at his new condo. Maybe now he will finally get his one night and get Meg out of his system.

But will one night be enough for both of them? And will Meg ever come clean about her past?

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Book Review: A Starstruck Kiss (Wrapped Up in Love #1) by Lauren Blakely

I just love when Lauren Blakely has a free prequel novella to introduce a new series! A Starstruck Kiss is a quick glimpse into Jess and William and how they met. Jess is a med school student, funding her way through college by snapping and selling photos of celebrities. William is British and going to school in the U.S., but his time is running out. He needs a full time job and a work visa in order to stay. Otherwise when his student visa expires in two months, he is heading back to England,

They meet while working on a photo opportunity assignment for their mutual boss. But Jess senses something is off about William. It's not his looks, which are gorgeous; or his accent, which is delicious. Hell it's not even his personality, which is cute and endearing. All of those things are quite
wonderful, albeit distracting, but he just doesn't fit the bill as a paparazzo. Jess vows not to let the charming boy get in the way of her plans of work and school and she will find out what he is really up to. She might even steel a kiss along the way.

I already love William and we have only just begun!! Of course I adored his brother Matthew in the book Far Too Tempting, so I was already really looking forward to this story. He's funny and handsome and hello, BRITISH! What's not to like?! I cannot wait to continue Jess and William's story in Stars in Their Eyes and see how their new partnership works out.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Book Review: The Invitation 2: Surrender by Roxy Sloane

It's been three years since Justine last saw Ashton. Three years since they shared the most explosive night of their lives and then she never heard from him again. Now there he is sitting across from her as opposing council on the most important case of her career. He is cold and condescending and even though he is still gorgeous as ever, he is nothing like that ash she remembers. He hurt her buy dropping out of her life and he doesn't seem to care.

But Justine doesn't have time to lament what could have been. She has to focus on this case and not let him distract her. Plus, she has sexy invitations from her secret lover to look forward to. No one has ever made her body come alive like he has with his wicked domination. The only problem is she has no idea who he is. Will he ever reveal himself to her? And of he does, who will she find herself looking at?

I love this serial so damn hard. Roxy Sloane will suck you in with dirty talk and then keep you hooked with not only extreme sexiness but an intriguing plot as well. There are so many questions that you will be dying to find the answer to. Why did Ash ignore Justine for three years? Is he still her same Ash underneath cold exterior he presents to the world? And more importantly, who is Justine's mystery man? You will 99% sure you know who it is but that 1% will constantly be nagging you in the back of your mind. Taunting you that you just might be wrong.

Book Review: Indiscretion Volume 3 by Elisabeth Grace

Well now, book three sure as hell got a lot more interesting. The sex might have slowed down a. Bit but everything else has picked up and kept my mind busy. Chloe has a stalker who seems to want to split her and Max up, but she keeps pushing it out of her mind not wanting to draw attention to herself. They have been carrying on their affair secretly for weeks now and things are going well on that front.

Now that the night of the charity gala is here, her and Max need to be extra careful and avoid each other.
But things quickly combust when Max's dad brings an unexpected guest to the party.

And then it ends! GAH!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Book Review: Stepbrother Dearest by Penelope Ward

Greta is about to meet her new stepbrother. As an only child who has dreamt about having a sibling, she can't help but be anxious. Then Elec walks through her front door. He's an arrogant, rude asshole and he is absolutely gorgeous. He goes out of his way to get under her skin yet her traitorous body wants him more and more.

While they may constantly jab at each other, they also seem to grow closer until she finally chinks a small hole in his armor. Underneath his angry young man exterior is just a boy who wants to feel loved. But just as soon as Greta discovers the softer so of Elec, he is on his way back to California with him.

It's seven years before Greta sees or speaks to Elec again and this time it's for unhappy circumstances. What will he be like now after all this time? They both have tried to move on with their lives but when face with each other once again it is clear they still have feelings for one another.

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