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Book Review: Uncover Me by Linda Barlow

All Ellie wants is to have a little adventure on her Turkish vacation and maybe some capture some gorgeous photos along the way. When she sees a beautiful, blonde god enter the viewfinder of her camera, she can't help but click away. However, the photos of her real life pirate soon turn to evidence of an illegal transaction. Before she can get the hell out of there, she is caught.

Nick can't believe that this little photographer stumbled upon his most recent exchange. While he won't kill her, he won't let her go either. He must move forward and finish his job which means that Ellie now has to come along for the ride. But the real catch is that is she wants to survive, she must submit to him 100%.


I loved this book. LOVED!

It is so different from anything that I have read recently and just very refreshing. It is a modern day pirate/captive romance with twists and turns and a whole lot of sexiness. Author Linda Barlow really kept me on my toes with this story. I never saw any of those twists coming and I could NOT stop reading because I was dying to know what happened next. It has adventure, suspense, a little bit of violence and moderate BDSM. And holy hell the sex and BDSM were hot! I highly recommend this book to, well, everyone truthfully. It was my first read by this author and I definitely plan on checking out her other work.

Favorite Quotes
There was something between us. Something relentless, something powerful. Something I'd fantasized about and yearned for, but never actually experienced. Something a little bit cruel.

"Keep your legs apart for me, slave. I want to fuck you with my tongue."

I gathered myself, all my discipline, all my self-control, trying to resist the urge to fall on her and bury my cock just as deep as it would go. Deeper. I wanted to plow her, ravage her, fuck her insensible.

"You're mine. Mine to plunder, mine to use, mine to take, mine to keep."

Marianna's Rating:

**I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I shook back my long hair, which was falling into my face. "People will be looking for me. When I don't check in with my mother and my friends, they'll call the authorities. You won't get away with this."

He smiled thinly. "We'll see."

"The sensible thing would be to take the yacht into shore and drop me off. I'm a complication that you don't need."

"The sensible thing would be to weigh your body down with something heavy and drop you overboard. It's an option that will remain on the table while I assess what other uses I can put you to."

The uses I pictured were scary and degrading. It was nothing but bravado that kept me from curling up in a ball. "I won't be used by any man, so stop threatening me."

His eyes darkened and he grabbed me, fisting a handful of my hair. It hurt. "You're frightened and trying to cope. I get that. But you've landed in the middle of a fucked-up mess, and it's gonna get worse. Right now, I'm your best hope of staying alive, so don't piss me off. Do exactly what I order you to do, and maybe you'll survive. Defy me, and you're dead."

I noted for the first time that there were dark circles under those large eyes of his, that he was weary and not quite as much in control as he was pretending to be.

"I don't want you here," he went on. "You've no idea what a complication your presence poses. It would have been far more convenient to shoot you and toss your body into the sea. Maybe you haven't realized how close you came to endless night."

I felt the sweat break out again. He'd chanced upon a metaphor that called up my worst anxieties. So I continued to beat at him, knowing no other defense except attack.

"So I should thank you for saving my life? Am I expected to lie back, spread my legs, and express my gratitude? Is that what you mean by obeying your orders?"

He still had the knife in one hand. He saw me staring at it and his knuckles whitened around the handle. "As a matter of fact, yes," he said coldly. "If I tell you to strip, you will strip. If I tell you to spread your legs for me, you will do so. If I order you to drop to your knees and suck me off, you will do that, too, and gracefully. If you disobey me, you will be punished."

He grabbed the shirt he'd stripped off and pulled it over his head. Then he opened the door to the cabin and exited. I heard the key turn on the outside; I heard him stomp away. Then there was silence, except for the pounding of the sea, and my own heart.

Title: Uncover Me
Author: Linda Barlow
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
All I did was take a few pictures. I didn't realize I was witnessing a crime.

I was hoping for a kick-ass adventure when I set off on my dream vacation. Instead, I've fallen in with a ruthless band of thieves.

Kidnapped, bound, and ordered to submit, I'm stuck on a yacht with a sun-bronzed pirate who caught me photographing his antiquities-smuggling operation. He doesn't want me tagging along any more than I want to be here. But that hasn't stopped him from finding a use for me.

She thinks I'm hard-assed. Dominating. Cruel. But I've got a dirty job to do. It has required months of scheming, a billionaire's yacht, and a shitload of priceless stolen artifacts.

I'm not about to be distracted by one inconvenient redhead. Even if she is supremely fuckable and oh-so-sweet when I have her on her knees.

She probably doesn't realize it, but I'm doing my best to protect her. There are guys here a lot badder than me. But I can't allow her to mess up my plans. There's no place in my life for softer emotions, and no space in my body for a heart.


About the Author
Linda Barlow is the author of 23 novels in various genres, including family sagas, historical and contemporary romance, romantic suspense, erotic romance, and general mainstream fiction.

Publishers have included Doubleday, Dell, Penguin, Warner Books, New American Library/Signet, Berkley/Putnam, Silhouette and Harlequin. Her books have been translated into approximately 20 foreign languages.

Her romances have won numerous industry awards, including the Rita from Romance Writers of America (1989), Best New Historical Romance Author from Romantic Times (1986) and a Lifetime Achievement award from Romantic Times. She also contributed two essays to Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women, a collection of scholarly essays on the enduring appeal of the romance. This book won the Susan Koppelman Award for Excellence in Feminist Studies of Popular Culture and American Culture in 1993.

Linda is now indie publishing and loving it! She is updating her backlist and writing new novels, too. The first book to be rewritten and indie-published is the new edition of her classic historical romance, Fires of Destiny, which was a finalist for the Rita Award in 1987 (available now!).

Linda served as President of Novelists, Inc. in 1992 and did two three-year terms on the Executive Council of the Authors Guild in the 1990s. She was Romance Writers of America’s keynote speaker at the annual conference in 1989.

When she is not at her computer writing, she is likely to be reading. She can't imagine what her life would be like without books!

Twitter: @LindaBarlow

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