Monday, March 10, 2014

Book Review: A Common Christmas (Haberdashers Tales #1) by Sue London

I loved Sue London's first two books in her The Haberdashers series so I was excited to read the first novella in the Haberdashers Tales mini-series. Unlike the full-length novels, which are a bit on the steamy side, the Tales novellas are more on the sweet side. No there isn't any sex in this read, but trust me it doesn't need it.

You can't come across harder times than Grace Ashman has. With both her parents now gone, she finds herself homeless just a week before Christmas. She knocks on the back door of the Earl of Harrington's house hoping that whoever answers will be kind enough to offer her any sort of help.  When butler Joshua Dibbs opens the door, he isn't expecting to find a young woman and her cat standing there drenched in the pouring rain. He finds himself doing the unusual: inviting her in to dry off and eat. His pretty visitor turns out to be a blessing when the Earl returns home early for the holidays. Running the household on a limited staff should be nearly impossible, but with the help of Grace they will try to pull it off. And while she does a stellar job of cooking, she also manages to bring some much needed holiday spirit to the household.

I enjoy Regency era romance books and reading all about the lords and ladies. It is so rare that we get a glimpse into the lives of the common people that are running the show behind the scenes. So this was a nice little taste of that, especially since the household in this story belongs to Gideon Wolfe (Earl of Harrington) who is the hero of Trials of Artemis. He also makes an appearance here in A Common Christmas and I liked getting to see another side of him. I defintely enjoyed this and I am looking forward to more in both The Haberdashers series and Haberdashers Tales series.

Marianna's Rating:

**I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Title: A Common Christmas
Author: Sue London
Series: Haberdashers Tales #1
Genre: Historical Romance
Twitter: @cmdrsue
A young woman, desperate to have one last lovely Christmas, brings the spirit of the season to the Harrington household.

Grace Ashman has lost everything: her mother five years ago, and now her father and her home just a week before Christmas. She lives on the streets until one kind man invites her inside for a meal before the holiday. What she couldn’t know is that his kindness will change her life forever.

Joshua Dibbs has been the butler at the Earl of Harrington’s London town home since 1809. If there is one thing Dibbs is known for, it is doing things properly. At least until now. Alas, when the earl arrives unexpectedly, the butler is reliant on help from a homeless woman to keep the household running until the staff returns!


The Haberdashers Series

Book #1
Trials of Artemis

Book #2
Athena's Ordeal

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