Monday, March 10, 2014

Book Review: Legal Affairs #5: Reparation by Sawyer Bennett

I thought I loved Matt Connover before when he was a sexy but withdrawn and stubborn ass. But boyfriend Matt? Yeah, he's pretty frickin amazing and awesome. I loved seeing this sweeter side of him with Mac. Unfortunately it is short lived as his ex-wife makes an appearance. Bitch doesn't begin to describe this woman. Satan is probably more accurate. The games she plays with their son in the middle are unbelievable. Honestly, I am surprised that as a lawyer, Matt hasn't fought for more custody. The brief meeting with his ex is brutal and undoes everything Mac has worked so hard for with Matt. Now we have to wait to see if the damage can be repaired. I am so looking forward to the final book!

"Tell you what," he says, tucking a lock of hair behind my ear and looking me straight in the eye. "How about I tuck you into bed?"

My eyes alight with victory, but he squashes it instantaneously.

"I will not be fucking you though," he says firmly.

My lower lip goes back out, and he reaches down to nip at it.

"However," he says with a lecherous smile. "I could be persuaded to peel those panties off you. I mean... if it's really that big of a deal to you."

I jump up and down like a schoolgirl, clapping my hands in excitement. "Yes, please. Panties and bra. Tuck me in, tuck me in!"

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#6 Affirmation - available March 21, 2014

Title: Legal Affairs - Reparation
Author: Sawyer Bennett
Series: Legal Affairs #5
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Book Blurb:
Matt Connover is like a new person. Caring, romantic and thoughtful. No worries though… he’s still sexy as hell.

He has changed in every way that I have ever dreamed of, and he did it because he wants me. It’s like a fairy tale of sorts.

Except… like with every fairy tale, there is a villain. One who threatens to disrupt the harmony we have created together.

Is what we have strong enough to survive? I truly believe that perhaps I can find love within these Legal Affairs. I’m just not sure Matt believes it.


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