Monday, July 14, 2014

Adult Film Stars Move from the Covers of DVDs to the Covers of Books


Who better to write fictional stories about sex than those who have already made a career out of the live-action equivalent?

After the success of the wildly popular 50 Shades of Grey franchise, adult stars are taking advantage of the growing demand for erotic novels. Each book in the series flew off the shelves as fast as stores could stock them. Not surprisingly, entrepreneurs and businesses alike took notice. As with any trend, a lot of people wanted to catch a piece of the market while it was on the upswing, none more so perhaps than those in the adult film industry.

Porn is one of the most widely shared, readily available products on the internet. But with the rise in internet piracy and free options for consumers over the years, profits margins from high quality studio porn have dwindled over the years. Salaries became even slimmer for actors, leading a lot of them to look for other ways to supplement their income.

While still prevalent, piracy isn't as much of an issue with literary works. There's the possibility of high profits within an industry that they're already familiar with, so it's no wonder that writing erotic novels presented an appealing business option for many adult stars.

So who's name can you expect to see more of on the cover of a book rather than a DVD cover?

Jenna Jameson

The unofficial queen of porn, Jameson is arguably one of the biggest stars in the adult industry. Throughout her career she turned her success within the industry into a lucrative business, creating exclusive content and videos on her personal website for subscribers, a line of sex toys, and releasing an instructional book on intimacy titled, How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale.

An undeniable entrepreneur, the 40-year-old has spent a lot more time behind the scenes than in front of the camera the last few years. One of her latest endeavors was a erotic novel titled Sugar, in 2013. The story follows a former porn star who decides to get a fresh start in life by moving across country from Los Angeles to New York. The book received generally positive reviews, getting 4/5 stars from readers from Barnes & Noble. Sugar is the first book in Jameson's upcoming series, titled "Fate," and readers are eagerly anticipated the next installment.

Farrah Abraham

Before even getting into the reception of her new book Celebrity Sex Tape: In the Making, it should
be noted that the former reality star hasn't been in the adult industry long. She didn't go to school for creative writing, she doesn't have a lot of experience, and overall she has a pretty negative public image working against her.

Still, even while trying to give her the benefit of the doubt, and knowing that she had a ghost writer to work with, no one can ignore the fact that the book has been considered a complete flop from readers.

Loosely based on a story similar to her own experiences while creating Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom and Farrah 2: Backdoor and More the book follows a young celebrity dealing with the limelight and exposure that come with fame. As for the reviews, well, Gawker called the book "painful to read."

Perhaps she'll have more luck in her next literary endeavor. She recently announced that in addition to trying to have her next erotica out by this fall, she will also be working on Christian book on parenting, despite as Daily Mail points out, that she admits she "needs 'space' from her 4-year-old and waxes her eyebrows while she sleeps."

Sasha Grey

Just as her entrepreneurial predecessor Jenna Jameson, Sasha Grey is also venturing away from adult films to explore different avenues. Along with success of her sex toy line seen at adam&eve—it includes a variety of "pocket" masturbation objects for men—she's also taken part in mainstream hollywood projects such as the film The Girlfriend Experience and the TV show Entourage.

She broke into the literary world with the release of her erotic novel about a high-class sex society titled The Juliette Society. Unfortunately the book didn't review as highly as some of her sex toys, only receiving a 2.33/5 rating on goodreads.

While some of them are still getting their feet wet in the literary world, porn stars definitely provide fans of erotica with an interesting and new writing perspective. We can't expect them all to have the talent of experienced pros like Jenna Jameson, but given a few more years (and maybe just a little more help from their ghost writers), there are sure to be some exciting new works from the adult actors in the future.

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