Monday, November 3, 2014

Book Review: Hansel Part 1 by Ella James

I never though I would get into erotic fairytales until I read Ella James' Red & Wolfe serial. Keep in mind that these are not simple retellings of the original stories with some sex added in. They are modern day adaptations and they are fabulous. And yes, very very naughty.

When Leah was a teenager she was kidnapped and held against her will in a house with many children in the same situation. The only thing that got her through each day was the boy in the next room: Hansel. Ten years after her capture and subsequent freedom, she is still struggling to survive in the after of such a traumatic event. The moment she sees him again it all comes crashing down. She needs to get close to him. Talk to him. Touch him again.

Since getting out of that house, Edgar (Hansel) has made a name, and a lot of money, for himself by opening sex clubs around the country. He's back at his original club in Vegas and while here he needs to find a new sub. The requirements? His subs must look as much like her as possible.

Within the first few minutes of starting this I was lost. Thestory is different and intriguing and already has my chest tightening I hurt for what they both went through at the hands of a crazy lady and I hurt for them now so close to each other yet millions of miles away. I loved this and I can't wait for part two.

Marianna's Rating:

Title: Hansel Part One
Author: Ella James
Serial: Hansel #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotica, BDSM
One boy. Mother calls him Hansel.
One girl. Mother named her Gretel.
Locked in little rooms, in the mountainside mansion of a crazy woman.
Until he saws a hole into the wall dividing them.
Then at least, they have each other’s hands.

It doesn’t end well at Mother’s house.
Everything gets…broken.

Ten years later, they meet again in an exclusive Vegas sex club.
And most of all, a mask.
What happens to love when it gets twisted?

Fairy tales are cautionary tales, remember?


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