Thursday, September 12, 2013

Book Review: The Law of Attraction (Lawyers in Love #1) by N.M. Sibler

Gabrielle Ginsburg is a public defender and Braden Pierce is an assistant district attorney. Six months of sparring with each other in the courtroom has built up one hell of an attraction between them and some serious sexual tension. Can Braden, the long time player, actually settle down into a monogamous relationship? And can Gabrielle step out of her shell to release the sexy woman inside and avoid a life alone with tons of cats?

I really enjoyed this book for a number of reasons. First of all, this is not a story filled with angst, which is a nice change from most romance novels. It is nice knowing that everyone is on the same page and there isn't going to be some miscommunications that will mess it all up. I also loved Gabrielle's dry, sarcastic sense of humor. There were multiple times throughout the book where she had me laughing out loud. Especially when she was talking about lawyers.

One had to tread lightly when telling someone like Tiny that even his lawyer thought he was full of shit.

And that sexual tension that I mentioned? Reading it as it built up both in and out of the courtroom was so hot and they both had a hard time keeping their hands of each other. No matter where they may have been. They definitely got a little creative with their rendezvous locations.

This was a lighthearted, funny and sexy read and I'm looking forward to more Gabrielle and Braden in book 2, The Home Court Advantage.

Marianna's Rating:

Title: The Law of Attraction
Author: N.M. Sibler
Series: Lawyers in Love #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Twitter: @NMSilber

Book Description:
Once upon a time two lawyers fell in love across a courtroom …

Gabrielle Ginsberg was a public defender with plenty of nerve and Braden Pierce was an assistant district attorney with a whole lot of swagger. Gabrielle wanted Braden and Braden wanted Gabrielle.
And Cameron wanted Gabrielle.
And Marla wanted Braden.
And Cole wanted Gabrielle.
And Mrs. Mason wanted Braden.
And an anonymous letter writer wanted to keep Gabrielle and Braden apart.
Together Gabrielle and Braden discovered many important things, like which doors at the courthouse actually locked, and that desks could be useful for more than writing. They also found out that the path of love was not always smooth, and it was sometimes trod upon by some really wacky people, like a confused fanny grabber, an eighty-two year old pothead and a gentleman who threw a wine and cheese party in his pants. Could true love overcome a lack of privacy, interference by jealous rivals and the insanity of the criminal court system?



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