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Book Review: Searing Ecstasy (Guardians of the Realms #7) by Setta Jay #Giveaway

Searing Ecstasy is the most perfect title for this book as there is heat and fire everywhere in it. Literally. Fans of this series have been anxiously for the day the leader of the Guardians, Drake, found his mate. Well it is finally here and it did NOT disappoint.

So much happens in this book which makes it exciting and fast paced plus down right sexy. There's a God missing, mysterious warriors about and not one but two Guardians in the midst of the mating frenzy. All of these different parts mesh together for a phenomenal story that is very hard to put down.

Drake is forced to stay away from his mate, Delia, until the Guardians can find a way to help her. The result is an intense build up of sexual tension and desire. I couldn't wait for Drake to finally explode and unleash all of it on her. It was pretty damn epic. Meanwhile, Sander and Nastia are dealing with their own mating issues. I have to say I liked Sander a whole hell of a lot. Like maybe even more than Drake (unbelievable, I know). Plus I enjoyed the banter between him and his mate and more importantly, he burned up my kindle.

Book 7 ended on another big moment that has was a surprise and also very exciting. I was wondering who Setta would set us up for in the next book but I did not see that one coming.  I cannot wait to see where she goes with this. 

Favorite Quotes
“You wanted to ride, my nasty girl, so fucking ride. Don’t make me wait. You want it? Then take it.”

“Get in here, I want your thighs straddling my head. I’m fucking hungry.”

“I’m hungry, temptress. Get on your back and spread wide. It’s time to feed your male.”

Marianna's Rating:

**I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Delia snapped awake to shouting or something. Whatever it was, it took seconds to realize what was going on around her. She wasn’t feeling her normal shaky comedown from the nightmares, where icy panic chilled her bones. Instead she felt a warm, protective dragon draped all over her telepathic connection to Drake.

A few more seconds ticked away and she heard Drake’s demanding voice calling her name. The sound was so deep and sexy in her head that she nearly stopped breathing altogether. She let her mind slide around it and the dragon moved with her, continuing to wrap tighter around the link. There was such a peaceful sense of comfort to it that she never wanted the sensation to end. Her mind licked out and caressed the connection until Drake’s growl vibrated all over her, reaching every cold, empty place inside her.

Title: Searing Ecstasy
Author: Setta Jay
Series: Guardians of the Realms #7
Genre: Erotica, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy
Drake, the powerful dragon and leader of the Guardians, has spent his long life protecting all inhabitants of the four Realms, but fails to save the one who matters most. His mate. In the month since finding her feral, he’s been slowly losing control of his beast and soon he fears the dragon will reign free unleashing it’s fury upon the Realms.

Delia has changed. No longer a carefree young woman, she is now a nightmare in the making. After her abduction and torture she unwillingly houses two beasts and more power than she can ever contain on her own. She can never be released. Nor can she have the male who gives her any semblance of sanity in her new world, the one she craves more than her own freedom.

With unknown enemies on the horizon and yet another God awakened will they lose themselves in the madness of an impossible mating? Or will they come together in searing ecstasy, bonding them in a way that sets them both free?

Warning: Sexually explicit content (beds actually get burned down, people) and alpha males and females with bad language.


About the Author
Setta Jay is the author of the popular Guardians of the Realms Series. She's garnered attention and rave reviews in the paranormal romance world for writing smart, slightly innocent heroines and intense alpha males. She loves writing stories that incorporate a strong plot with a heavy dose of heat. Her influences include Judith McNaught who she feels writes a smart heroine to perfection, Gena Showalter, Maya Banks and Lora Leigh. You can often find her writing compared to JR Ward, but if you are a fan of the Black Dagger Brotherhood be warned that Setta Jay's novels are more erotic in nature.

Born a California girl, she currently resides in Idaho with her husband of ten plus years who she describes as incredibly sexy and supportive.

She loves to hear from readers so feel free to ask her questions on social media or send her an email, she will happily reply.

Twitter: @SETTAJAY_

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  1. Thank you for hosting Setta Jay today! I hope that your readers enjoy SEARING ECSTASY – available now!

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  8. Thank you for the review. It's not really my favorite genre, but I'm sure many will enjoy it.

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