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Book Review: Unconventional Fling by Allyson Lindt

Jade's job has her traveling the majority of the time, which makes relationships difficult. Men she has attempted to date in the past eventually can't handle all of her time away. So maybe just having a little fun is what she  needs. Brandon is the voice behind popular anime characters which often has him traveling to various conventions. His good looks and flirtations have unfortunately left him with an undeserved "love em and leave em" reputation. When these two meet at the hotel breakfast one morning, it is instant chemistry and they look to have some fling fun.

Brandon realizes that he wants more than just a few hours with Jade, but she doesn't see how that is possible with both of them constantly on the go. Can they navigate their heavy travel schedules and actually have a real relationship?

This is my third book by Allyson Lindt and I have really enjoyed them all. What I love the most about all of her stories is that she uses geeks as her heroes/heroines. And dammit, I'm glad someone realizes that us geeks can be sexy too! I really got a kick out of Unconventional Fling as it starts off at an anime convention. As someone that goes to New York Comic Con ever year (in 2012 I dressed up as Black Widow and my 4 boys as other Avengers characters), I could totally picture the scene in my head. This was a quick, fun and sexy novella and I will continue to look forward to more books from this author.

His hand slid down her stomach, under the waist of her jeans, and over her panties, teasing her already slick mound through the cotton. Her hips thrust up to meet the contact, but he kept his touch light enough to continue teasing.

He pulled away completely when she pushed up again. "Patience."

She smirked and rubbed her leg against his hard cock. "I can torture you too."

He closed his eyes, a low growl rumbling up from his chest. When he looked at her again, desire was heavy in his expression. "Understood."

Within seconds, he's undone her jeans and yanked the remaining clothing to the floor. He dropped to his knees at the foot of the bed, only his head visible, not touching her.

Blood rushed through her veins, making every inch of her skin hum in anticipation as the minutes stretched. When he kissed the inside of her leg, a sharp jolt of pleasure spiked through her. His lips glided higher, traveling up one thigh and down the other, never reaching her aching sex. "I was kind of hoping/" His words rumbled against her skin. "To hear you beg again."

Marianna's Rating:

**I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Title: Unconventional Fling
Author: Allyson Lindt
Series: A Working Girl's Guide #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18633420-unconventional-fling
Website: allysonlindt.com
Twitter: @allysonlindt
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AllysonLindt
Book Burb:
Jade is in Nashville on her third week of a month-long business trip. She doesn't mind seeing a new city every week, but she's dragging after so many without a break. When a sexy stranger wants to share her breakfast table, she welcomes the change in scenery. The easy banter and teasing that dances behind the eyes of the handsome voice actor have her wondering if just this once, a one-night stand might be worth her time.

Brandon is tired of the playboy image that comes with his cult-celebrity status. When he meets a business woman with a travel schedule as hectic as his, she lights a spark deep inside. The problem is, he's hoping for something long-term, and she's hesitant to start anything that will become long-distance. With less than three days before they go their separate ways, Brandon has to show Jade there's more to them than just an unconventional fling.


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