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Book Review: Until You're Mine (Mine #2) by K. Langston

I have been itching to get my hands on this book ever since author K. Langston first introduced Archer and Katy to us in her debut novel Because You're Mine.  That is six whole months of building up in my head how amazing Archer was going to be, and thanks to K. and her little teasers, six months of fantasizing about how hot the sex was going to be. And Until You're Mine proved to be everything I knew it would be! I've been dying to sink my teeth into Archer Brooks all this time, and damn was he tasty and worth the wait!

Katy and Archer both have seriously battered hearts. Her two previous boyfriends left her broken and weary to ever give her heart to someone again. Then there is Archer's ex who is the queen mega bitch from hell. It is no wonder he doesn't want to love ever again. I have to give Katy a ton of credit because despite being hurt more than once, she basically says "fuck it" and throws her heart 100% in the ring with Archer. She knows that with her love he can open up again and she is determined to prove that to him. I also love that despite the fact that she has two disapproving jerks for parents, she is not afraid to be herself.

Then, of course, there is Archer. There are so many things that I love about this man, but the best is his deliciously filthy mouth. The man drops more f-bombs than I can count and dammit if i don't love that. But the sexy things he says to Katy? Excuse me while I melt into a puddle on the floor. What's that? You need some examples? Well...if you insist...

Seriously, the man and his mouth (and other parts) are down right lethal. I'm talking about scorching hot sex that you can never get enough of. Never. Ever. Sigh.

Erm...where were we?

Did I like this book? Hell no. I frickin' loved it! We've already established how I feel about Archer and Katy was the perfect female lead to take him on. I also appreciated that there was minimal angst involved. Yeah there were ups and downs and issues to work out but not the hair pulling kind that makes you curse and scream at the characters to wake the hell up. Just two amazing people healing each other with love. Beautiful.

I mentioned that Katy's parents were jerks, especially her father. I do not like him at all. However I did feel that her relationship with them was left a bit unresolved so I would love to see K. write a bonus chapter following up on that. Since I don't think Katy's dad will ever accept her for who she is, I'd be thrilled just to see her tell him to go screw once and for all. Hmmm, sounds like it would make for a fun post on a blog or something....

Up next in this series is Tabitha and Barrett's story in When You're Mine, coming Summer 2014. We know from book one that Tabitha is one of Maddie's BFFs and that Maddie and Barrett once had a thing. So it will be interesting to see how that plays out. Then after that will be Cannon and Cora's story in Forever You're Mine (Fall 2014). We briefly met Cannon here in Until You're Mine and I cannot wait for this one because Cannon just sounds hot!

Marianna's Rating:

**I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

My mouth feasted from the soft skin of her neck.

“Archer,” she breathed.

“Fuck,” I grinded my hard cock into her stomach.

With one arm wrapped around her waist, I hugged her close while my other hand held her neck in place. I could fuck her right here and now if I wanted to, but her consent would make it so much sweeter. “You know what I want. Just fuckin’ say yes so we can move past all this petty shit,”


“I hate that word. Have I ever told you that? It should not be part of your vocabulary.” I dragged my finger across her swollen lips before I demanded them once more. Her cherry flavored mouth made it damn near impossible to pull away. I looked into her eyes.

“Tell me what you want. What will it take?”

“I want you to be mine.” Her eyes were so wide and sure. She knew exactly what she wanted, giving me one more thing to adore about this woman.

“Not possible.” I said shaking my head.

“Why do you deny this?” Katherine pulled my hand from her face, guiding it to rest just above her breast.

Her heart pounded wildly beneath my palm as she breathed in and out with shallow breaths. “Feel that? This is what you do to me.”

Jerking my hand from her chest, I immediately released her and took a step back. I was pretty sure if she put her hand on my chest right now, she could feel my entire body vibrating with need, just like hers. I knew exactly what she was feeling because I felt the very same way. I wanted her just as badly, but I was scared to fucking death. Deep inside the darkest corner of my heart lived a beast, a wild animal that had been caged for so very long, afraid to be set free, afraid to love.

This impossible woman continuously taunted him, and that irritated the piss out of me. “Why the fuck are you playin’ so hard to get? You know you want this too.”

She lifted her chin, holding my gaze. “I don’t do one night stands and I don’t have meaningless sex. I’m not that girl. ”

I took a step forward. “I can give you anything you want…except my heart.”

“What are you so afraid of?” Katherine took in a step.

“Why do you have to be so goddamn perfect?” I asked, looking down into her consoling eyes. “Why can’t you just be the bad girl I want you to be?”

“I can be that girl. I can be whatever the hell you want as long as you accept all of me. The good and the bad.” Taking another step forward, our bodies collided. She placed her tiny hand over my thundering heart. Once again, the pull was powerful, unyielding.

Fucking terrifying.

“Let me in. That’s all I’m asking. I want all of you, Archer, not bits and pieces.”

Snaking my arm around her waist, I tucked one lone piece of hair behind her ear. “Why can’t you just let go of your self-righteous morals for once. Give in to what you feel instead of what you believe.”

This tug of war had been going on between us for months. Neither of us wanted to give in or concede, and each battle was fought with more intensity than the last. It was a wonder we both hadn’t forfeited. I’d come pretty damn close. The feelings that came along with pursuing her were so damn strong, yet I had to have her.

“Then what would that make me?”


Shaking her head, she laughed. “I need to get back to work.” Standing on her tip toes, she cupped both of my cheeks. “To be continued.” She kissed me once on the lips, then again on the cheek before she turned and walked out, leaving me with a raging hard on and a feeling in my chest I never ever wanted to acknowledge.

Title: Until You're Mine
Author: K. Langston
Series: Mine #2
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance

Taking big risks had always been Archer Brook’s way of life. It’s what has to be done in order to get what you want, and he knew that better than anyone. Archer may have been born into a life of wealth and privilege, but he’d proven time and time again that his success was a result of his own true grit and determination. The savvy businessman was an experienced player in the game of life, always knowing when to ante up or when to cash out.

It was time to do both.

Burned out on the bright lights of Vegas, once the successful night club owner found the best of both worlds tucked away in a quiet Mississippi town, he never looked back.

That was until she walked into his bar.

Life has never been easy for Katy Vaughn. The preacher’s daughter turned small town rebel has seen her fair share of heartbreak, and she’s tired. Katy is done with men who have no idea what they want or how to treat a woman. She wants a real man. One who can give her everything she’s ever dreamed of. One who will give her everything she needs. Lovers of the past may have broken her heart, but they could never break her spirit.

There was only one man capable of that.

You never know when love will come along and change…everything.

Buy Until You're Mine:

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Book #1
Because You're Mine
Maddie and Holden's story.

On sale for 99¢ for a limited time!
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Marianna's Review

About the Author
K has worked in property management for the last decade.

She enjoys writing, reading and music.

Writing has given K. the release she's been craving all of these years. An outlet to fully express herself the way she wants to, the way she needs to.

Her life was forever changed the moment she wrote that first line.

Twitter: @klangston13

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