Monday, May 19, 2014

How To Seduce Your Woman By Matt Connover

Deep down, all women are sensuous creatures. They think about sex… the same way men do. Maybe not as often, but with just as much relish. The problem is that they are often too reserved to voice what they really want so most want the man to take the lead. Here are my tips on how a man can successfully seduce his woman. Feel free to pass these tips on to your husband, boyfriend, lover and enjoy the resulting orgasms.

  1. Dirty Talk - Ditch bringing her flowers and bring your filthy mouth instead. Step up behind her, really close. Grab her hips and place your lips at the corner of her ear, just barely touching her delicate skin. Growl… really low, and tell her, “I want to fuck you so bad, I ache. I bet if I put my hand down between your legs, you’d be dripping wet for me, wouldn’t you? Tell me you want me to fuck you. Tell me you want it hard and rough. Demand it of me.” This is just a random sampling of some of my better stuff, but anything along those lines is a guaranteed panty dropper.
  2. The Distraction – This technique usually works best in the middle of a good argument. Just when she has a full head of steam, and you know you are in a no-win situation, grab her forcefully and push her down on the bed… or couch… or floor. Whatever is handy. Get the barest amount of clothes off of her as fast as you can, before she can think to argue, and hit her in that sweet spot hard. Lips are my first choice but fingers will work in a pinch. It only takes a few moments and she’ll forget all about what you were arguing over. Do her right… get her off before you take your own pleasure. She’ll thank you for it later.
  3. Sensual Massage – This doesn’t seem as sneaky as I’m going to make it out to be, and the resulting fuck will be amazing. Tell your girl you want to give her a massage. Set the stage with candles, soft music… whatever. Strip her down slowly and push her face first onto the bed… or couch... or floor. Again, whatever is handy.  Have some warm oil ready, and drizzle it over her back. Use your hands with confidence, alternating the pressure between a firm press into her tired muscles, or a light sweep over her skin. Get closer and closer to her ass… to that valley below… shying away sometimes, but then moving closer on the next pass. She’ll know your intended destination and her excitement over the prospect of you slipping your fingers between her legs will start to drive her wild. When her breathing gets erratic and her hips start flexing without any control, go ahead and stroke that pussy. Softly at first, then with more intensity. Only when she starts mewling and you know she is ready for you, pull her up by her hips and slam your cock home. If you get really good at this, you’ll get a lovely scream and a spontaneous orgasm from your girl.
  4. The “Accidental” Interruption – prepare to make it home before your lover does at the end of a workday. Get naked and get on the middle of the bed (or floor, or couch… you know the drill by now). Time it just right so when you hear her rattling the key in the door, you have your cock at full mast and your hand on it, easing into a full-blown masturbation session. When she walks in on you, and gasps in surprise (and she will gasp in surprise because a woman loves to watch her man touch himself), cut her a wicked smile and act a bit surprised yourself. Tell her that you had been fantasizing about her and couldn’t wait any longer, but now that she’s here… you’ll die if she doesn’t finish the job. Trust me gentlemen… you are in for a wild fuck when this occurs.
  5. The Awakening – this is practically a patented move, one of Mac’s favorites, but I’ll share it anyway. When you wake up before your woman, particularly if you’re sporting some morning wood, bring her gently out of her slumber with a hot fingering. Push your hand right between her legs and stroke gently. It’s amazing… she’ll start getting wet even while still sound asleep. Push a single finger inside her hot pussy, and start to pump, keeping a steady pace until she begins to wake up. If you get really good at this, you can actually slip your cock inside of her while she’s still sleeping, and there is nothing sexier than having your woman wake up from an intense orgasm as it shreds her from the inside out. She’ll probably demand you replace her alarm clock for yourself at some point in the relationship.

In closing, all I really have left to say is… you're welcome.

Many thanks to Matt Connover and Sawyer Bennett for stopping by A Lust For Reading and sharing these delicious tips with us all! I already have a copy printed out, laminated and ready to give to my husband.


  1. Awesome! I just love Matt Connover!

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