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Book Review: After This Night (Seductive Nights #2) by Lauren Blakely

Finally, the conclusion to Clay and Julia's ridiculously hot story! I felt like I've been waiting forever for this when really it has only been a few weeks.. When we left these two in Night After Night, things had just ended between them. That was completely depressing because they are so good together. Now Clay and Julia both struggle to move on after their whirlwind love affair. Clay does a fairly good job of keeping hid mind off Julia, or so he tells himself, by burying himself in work and the gym. Until an innocent email from her starts everything all over again. Can Julia finally let Clay all the way in by sharing her secrets? And can Clay stop letting his past relationship affect his current one?

I have to say that I was a bit terrified of what was going to happen in this book because of the Michele factor. beautiful female best friend that's been in love with Clay for a decade? yeah, so many ways that could and like I said - terrifying. I can't say what did or didn't happen, but I was nervous about her right up to the very end. Clay and Julia still have issues to overcome, but when she opens up to him completely, I think I let out a huge sigh of relief. I finally had hope that this could work out, But mob bosses with a price on your head, unrequited love and 3,000 miles between you have a way of making things extra difficult. One thing I can guarantee is more smoking hot sex between Clay and Julia. I just love them together!

This is a must read book and series in my opinion and I think they are Lauren Blakely's hottest yet. I promise you will love it!

After This Night is book two in the Seductive Nights series. It is not a stand alone novel; all books must be read in order.

Favorite Quotes
"I can't think of anything that can get me off more than the woman I want fucking herself in front of me."

"God, Julia. I feel everything for you. Every single thing. And I want your pleasure again. I want to feel you come on me. Show me that I can do this to you over and over, and make you feel everything."

Marianna's Rating:

**I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Title: After This Night
Author: Lauren Blakely
Series: Seductive Nights #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotica
Their world was passion, pleasure and secrets.

Far too many secrets. But Clay Nichols can't get Julia Bell out of his mind. He's so drawn to her, and to the nights they shared, that he can't focus on work or business. Only her. And she's pissing him off with her hot and cold act. She has her reasons though–she's trying to stay one step ahead of the trouble that's been chasing her for months now, thanks to the criminal world her ex dragged her into. If only she can get out of this mess, then maybe she can invite the man who ignites her back in her life, so she can have him–heart, mind and body.

He won't take less than all of her, and the full truth too. When he runs into her again at her sister's wedding, they have a second chance but she'll have to let him all the way in. And they'll learn just how much more there is to the intense sexual chemistry they share, and whether love can carry them well past the danger of her past and into a new future, after this night...


Series Reading Order
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