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Book Review: Love, In English by Karina Halle

There are some books that you just know you are going to love, simply from reading the synopsis. This is one of those books. Even though Love, In English is so different from Karina Halle's previous books, it was simply wonderful.

Vera doesn't exactly fit in with her family or anywhere really. She has her brother and one friend she is close with and that's about it. She prefers to be alone; life is just easier that way. Safer. But everything is so different at Los Palabros. Staying for free in exchange for working in a program to help Spanish professionals with their English for one month, never did she expect that month to completely change her life. Vera makes new friends, friends she is closer with than anyone back home, and she just feels more free.

Then there is Mateo. He's older, he's handsome, he's sweet and he is very much married. The mutual attraction is obvious, but Vera does everything that she can to fight it. She doesn't want to be the other woman. But sometimes things are just inevitable. The big question is, what happens when the program is done?

Oh so many feels with this book. This book will tear at your heart, one tiny excruciating rip at a time. You want Mateo and Vera to be together because they are clearly so in love. But then you also want them to stop before it is too late because it is also wrong. Then, I just stopped caring about the wrong and wanted them to figure out how to make this work.

The half way point of this book pretty much gutted me. I felt every single ounce of their despair and pain. I wanted to wrap my arms around Vera in comfort and be the sister she should of had. And Mateo? There is so much sadness lingering behind his eyes. The second half of the story was a roller coaster for sure. I was angry with Mateo many times and sad for Vera and was waiting for it all to just go to shit. But in between all of the angst, there is sweet love and passionate sex, which makes all the hurt so worth it. Karina Halle made me want to hop on a plane to Spain to find my very own loving, sexy Spaniard.

Favorite Quotes

"In Spain, we both fuck and make love at the same time. You need to look at me, Vera. You need to stay connected to me, stay with me."

"You burn so brightly. I would like to burn with you."

Marianna's Rating:

**I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Title: Love, In English
Author: Karina Halle
Genre: Contemporary Romance
He’s thirty-eight. I’m twenty-three.

He speaks Spanish. I speak English.

He lives in Spain. I live in Canada.

He dresses in thousand-dollar suits. I’m covered in tattoos.

He’s married and has a five-year old daughter. I’m single and can’t commit to anyone or anything.

Until now. Because when they say you can’t choose who you fall in love with, boy ain’t that the f*#king truth.


To a restless dreamer like Vera Miles, it sounded like the experience of a lifetime. Instead of spending her summer interning for her astronomy major, she would fly to Spain where she’d spend a few weeks teaching conversational English to businessmen and women, all while enjoying free room and board at an isolated resort. But while Vera expected to get a tan, meet new people and stuff herself with wine and paella, she never expected to fall in love.

Mateo Casalles is unlike anyone Vera has ever known, let alone anyone she’s usually attracted to. While Vera is a pierced and tatted free spirit with a love for music and freedom, Mateo is a successful businessman from Madrid, all sharp suits and cocky Latino charm. Yet, as the weeks go on, the two grow increasingly close and their relationship changes from purely platonic to something…more.

Something that makes Vera feel alive for the first time.

Something that can never, ever be.

Or so she thinks.


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