Thursday, August 15, 2013

Book Review: Burn (Breathless #3) by Maya Banks

In this conclusion of the Breathless Trilogy, we finally get to Ash's story. After reading the first two books, Ash seemed to me to be the most laid back of this trio of hot alpha men. And his friends think he is too. Boy, none of us could have been more wrong. I honestly had no idea that behind his easy going charisma he was hiding an intense Dominant. But trust me, I'm not complaining. It was delicious.

Ash ended up being my favorite of the men in this series but Josie blows the other girls away in my opinion. She is an inspiring artist with incredible talent. Strong with none of that wishy washy crap that can get annoying. What I enjoyed the most of all about Josie was that she is already familiar with a Dom/sub relationship. She is not the inexperienced new submissive that doesn't understand the nuances of this type of relationship. So there is none of that training and "oh I'm nervous I've never done this before" stuff that is prevalent in so many books of this genre. Not that I am necessarily complaining about those because I enjoy them too, it can just get old. Josie knows just what she wants and exactly what she can handle and dives right in. And yeah, Josie and Ash together are on fire.

"I was determined to wait. To be patient," he rasped out. "Can't do it Josie. I have to have you now. Tell me you're with me. You have to be with me. I can't be the only one feeling like I'm going to die if I do not get inside you."

What surprised me the most abut Ash's intensity are the lengths he will go to in order to protect the people he loves. He has a little bit of a darker side that he has kept hidden from everyone, making sure not to drag them into anything. His infamous family also make an appearance in this book and let's just say there is some good and then some... ugly bad.

Being a man, Ash of course screws up which causes some momentary angst, but again there isn't too much of that wish washy nonsense which is really nice. This was a great ending to the series and I can't wait to see what Ms. Banks has in store for us in the future. She posted on Facebook earlier this week that she has The Surrender Trilogy due out in 2014 so I will be looking out for those.

Breathless Trilogy Reading Order
1 - Rush
2 - Fever
3 - Burn

Marianna's Rating:

Title: Burn
Author: Maya Banks
Series: Breathless Trilogy #3
Genre: Erotica, Contemporary Romance, BDSM
Social Media: @maya_banks;

Book Description
Ash, Jace, and Gabe: three of the wealthiest, most powerful men in the country. They’re accustomed to getting anything they want. Anything at all. For Ash, it’s the woman who changes everything he’s ever known about dominance and desire...

When it comes to sex, Ash McIntyre has always explored his wilder side—extreme and uncompromising. He demands control. And he prefers women who want it like that. Even the women he’s shared with his best friend, Jace.

But Jace is involved with a woman he has no intention of sharing. And now even Gabe has settled into a relationship with a woman who gives him everything he needs, leaving Ash feeling restless and unfulfilled.

Then Ash meets Josie, who seems immune to his charms and his wealth. Intrigued, he begins a relentless pursuit, determined she won’t be the one who got away. He never imagined the one woman to tell him no would be the only woman who’d ever drive him to the edge of desire.


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