Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Freebies 8/9

Four free books to enjoy this weekend! Have a good one. :)

Title: Honeymoon for One
Author: Chris Keniston
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Book Description: To escape local gossip, jilted bride Michelle Bradford embarks on her honeymoon cruise - alone. Coaxed by a thrill seeking hunk she never expects to see again, she slowly sheds her good girl persona to have some well deserved fun. But unlike Vegas, what happens on the high seas doesn't always stay there.

Title: Ageless Sea
Author: M.R. Polish
Series: Ageless #1
Genre: New Adult, Fantasy Romance
Book Description: Life. Love. Death. Banished for a crime she didn’t commit, Karis must learn to live her life alone – and in a world that’s not her own. Cursed on an island of loneliness, forced to endure nearly a century without a friend, the woman once destined to be Queen must find a way to return to her world and save her people from an evil influence. After many years, one man is strong enough to survive the cursed barrier that keeps her from leaving the island. She needs him so she can return to her world; he needs her to put together the pieces of his broken memory. Side by side, Brady and Karis feel their loneliness slip away. Every day their love grows stronger, but will their bond survive the battle between worlds? In Book One of The Ageless Series, M.R. Polish takes readers into a world where myths are real, deception lurks in the shadows, and destiny brings two lost souls together to fight as one.


Title: The Awakening
Author: Erika Wilde
Series: The Marriage Diaries #1
Genre: Erotica
Book Description: Erika Wilde turns up the heat in THE MARRIAGE DIARIES, a brand new erotic series about a married couple who take intimacy and passion to the extreme. This short novelette of 11,000 words contains two short erotic interludes between married couple Dean and Jillian Noble.

Title: The Auction Boxed Set
Authors: Jaymie Holland, Cheyenne McCray
Series: The Auction #1-4
Genre: Erotica, BDSM
Book Description:  For a limited time, a collection of all four "Auction" series novellas in one volume for free:

Christy finds herself on the auction block at an exclusive charity auction that has some discreet BDSM club participants. Members of an elite kink club have infiltrated, and she’s intrigued by the possibilities. Zach Nikas, an old flame, turns out to be the high bidder. He’s hot and sexy, intelligent and successful, and just happens to have a well-outfitted dungeon. A dungeon where Christy learns what Zach and “play” are all about...

Roni is put up for sale to the highest bidder. When John Taylor purchases her, she gets more than she expected with one tall, dark, sexy, and mysterious man. But something sinister is going on. Women fitting Roni’s description are being murdered. Roni finds out things about John that send her into a panic, making her wonder what’s real and what could cost her life...

Navy SEAL Rick Pierce is being auctioned off to benefit the charity auction. He doesn’t know that a kink club has infiltrated the event and he’s about to get an introduction he’ll never forget. Leslie Adams loves to dominate and tie up powerful men—tying up a SEAL will be the ultimate high. She purchases Rick at the auction for a weekend in Cabo and learns there’s no tying down a SEAL...

In Kelley’s demanding life, she is everyone’s pillar of strength. For once she would like someone else to make decisions for her, and she has a secret fantasy to turn over control to a dominant man. Then Kelley is auctioned off to Nate Davis. Nate shows her how creative he can be and takes her places she never thought she would go...


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