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Book Review: Toeing the Line (Bits & Bytes #2) by Allyson Lindt

I love that the books in Allyson Lindt's Bits & Bytes series all feature geeky but hot heroes and heroines. I have read a ton of books, literally, over the past two years and this is the first time I have come across heroes like this and its a nice change. Zane is an awesome hacker who was then recruited by the government to work for the Air Force. After doing that for five years, he has returned home and is trying to figure out what to do for work. Riley, his best friend since high school, works in the insurance industry but also is an artist who draws graphic novels. She tends to dive in head first into relationships only to discover down the road it wasn't right. The problem is, she doesn't know what she is looking for and thinks maybe she doesn't truly know what love feels like. On the other hand, Zane isn't looking for a romantic relationship at all.

Zane adores Riley but knows he is not good enough for her and needs her as his friend. Riley is done with looking for love, but misses being part of a couple. Picking up on where their few rounds of cyber and phone sex left off during Zane's deployment, their best friends status quickly shifts to best friends with benefits. Can they both enjoy the new physical aspects of their relationship without falling for each other? Or will sex ultimately ruin their friendship?

Riley wasn't my favorite person at the beginning of this book based on the quick glimpse I got of her in book one, Conflict of Interest. However, I quickly warmed up to her. Yes she is a bit flaky when it comes to relationships, but once I got to learn more about her relationship with Zane, I understood why. Zane is smart and sexy and stubborn as hell. His opinion that he wasn't good enough for Riley was so frustrating and I wanted to go back in time and smack the person who put that idea into his head.

This was a fun book that was perfect for a summer afternoon. I actually read Conflict of Interest and Toeing the Line back to back within 24 hours of each other and enjoyed them both very  much. The characters are very real and I was able to really relate to them. I am so glad that I discovered Allyson Lindt's books and I hope there will be more in this series in the near future. I love hot geeks!

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Marianna's Rating:

**I received a free eBook in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Title: Toeing the Line
Author: Allyson Lindt
Series: Bits & Bytes #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Social Media: @allysonlindt;
Book Description:
Riley tends to fall hard and fast for the guys she dates, and it never ends with the wedding bells she expects. Tired of the heartbreak and unsure if she even knows what love is, she swears off unreliable things like dating and trying to find that elusive happily-ever-after spark. Focusing on her art seems like the perfect distraction, except she’s missing the physical side of being half a couple. Fortunately, her best friend, Zane, is happy to model for her drawings and tie her up in the bedroom with no expectations.

Zane’s granddad raised him with the belief that people who bring joy to the world should be protected at all costs. For Zane, his best friend Riley is one of those people, and he definitely doesn't mind when making her happy involves helping her pursue her creative dream and some sport sex with a hint of kink. They can have fun, and he can keep her from falling for the next idiot who comes along while she searches for her Prince Charming.

Regardless of her resolution, as things heat up between them, Riley finds herself falling again. She needs to decide if she’s in love with the idea of being in love, or if—despite Zane’s insistence that she deserves someone better—what she feels for him is the real thing. If she can’t learn to trust her heart and convince Zane he’s exactly what she needs, it will obliterate a lifelong friendship.


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  1. What a great review... loving this book. Congrats, Allyson.

  2. great cover sounds like a fun oen! - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

  3. Congratulations on the book release!


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