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Summer of Spice & Everything Nice Giveaway Hop

There is nothing I enjoy better on a lazy summer day (or  night) than reading a steamy romance novel. I have teamed up with some great book bloggers and authors to bring you not only a Kindle giveaway, but some of our favorite spicy quotes and teasers from the books we love.

Summer of Spice

Choosing just one teaser to share was pretty difficult. So of course I chose more than one! So without further ado, here is an excerpt from two of my favorite books from this summer.

Excerpt from Resist by C.D. Reiss
     He cursed under his breath and pushed his lips to mine. His movements were fierce, his tongue invading my mouth, his arms circling me. He tasted of fennel toothpaste and whiskey, the same as the first time I'd kissed. The memories went down the curve in my back and settled between my legs. He pushed me into the car, pressing his erection into me, and I pushed back, letting his hardness find my cleft. I groaned into his mouth.
     "God," he said, "I have to have you."
     "Take me. Own me. Use me. Pick a verb. Just, please. "
     "Fuck you. I'm going to fuck you. That's my verb."
     He pushed his hips into me hard, and I bent my neck in response. My legs wrapped around him, grinding. Water dripped from his forehead onto mine as he kissed me. The rain had gone from a heavy mist to a driving torrent. He straightened and pulled me off the car.
     "Take me home," I practically had to shout over the weather.
He pushed me against the car and kissed me in the rain one more time.

Title: Resist
Author: C.D. Reiss
Series: Songs of Submission #6
Genre: Erotica, Contemporary Romance, BDSM
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Excerpt from Off Course by Sawyer Bennett
     The timber of his voice is hypnotic. The intent is carnal and possessive. It overwhelms my senses and causes my common sense to fade into nothingness.
     My head is spinning and my troubles with Cormac are forgotten as he just stares at my mouth. I hold absolutely still, waiting for him to lean in further to kiss me.
     But his head doesn't move. Instead, he moves in one step closer, bringing our bodies flush. The heat is searing and electric, and my knees almost buckle when I can feel his hardness against my belly. I've never had a man so overtly attracted to me before, and it makes me feel powerful and hungry to find out more.
     Although our bodies are pressed together, he still just stares at my mouth. A tiny sigh escapes my lips and I breathlessly ask, "What are you waiting for?"
     His breath is warm against my face and he smells of Guinness and mint. He drags his gaze up and his eyes are molten when they make contact with mine. "I'm waiting for you to fucking demand it of me. I don't want you to ask, and I sure as hell don't want you to beg. I want you to fucking demand that I kiss you."
     Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God.
     No man has ever spoken that way to me and I'm dismayed that his words are a complete turn on.    The proud, independent woman in me wants to be affronted, but the shaking mass of sexual nerves wants me to submit.
     Then I do something that is totally against my nature. I decide to push good, old responsible Renner Caldwell into the closet—at least for tonight—because I really want to see where this goes. I want to know what I might have been missing. And I want to push Cormac all the way out of my thoughts.
     I push my hips forward against him, taking feminine pride when he sucks in his breath from the contact. "Kiss me. Now."
     There is no hesitation from Cillian. Just a low rumble of thanks in his chest and his mouth plows into mine. I feel the first, cold bite of his ring piercings digging into my lips, and the slight pain is erotic. He pushes my mouth open with his and his tongue slides in slowly, exploring my mouth. I can feel the ball of his piercing gently massage me, sometimes clacking against the inside of my teeth. Cillian's hands come off the wall and gently encircle my throat, his thumbs supporting my chin to hold me in place. I place my hands on his hips, just above his belt, and dig my fingers inside his waistband just a fraction.
     He plunders and possesses my mouth. He makes it his own. I may have demanded he kiss me, but make no mistake, he's the one that's in charge right now. I find it thrilling and naughty, and it reminds me of the way I felt five years ago when I was a young girl on the verge of turning into a woman.
Cillian's kiss doesn't last long. It's hard and hot, and filled with the promise that he has only shown me a small part of what he has to offer. He pulls away, feathering a last, light kiss over my lips. I notice his rings are no longer cold but have been warmed by the friction of our mouths together. He then places a kiss on my forehead and my eyes flutter at the soft touch.
     "I have to get going." His eyes are no less hot, and he's still hard as a rock pressed up against me. He looks frustrated to be leaving me and sighs as he steps away.

Title: Off Course
Author: Sawyer Bennett
Series: Off Sereis #4
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
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